Tip for Tired Eyes

How to brighten the eyes

My eyes often have that “I’m tired” look. Probably because I AM often tired. Ha! I have this ultra quick and subtle way to brighten my eyes and it only takes a few minutes to apply.

tips for tired eyes



Nude eye liner

Silver eyeliner or eye shadow

Nude eye shadow



After applying foundation:

  1. Apply concealer under the eye.
  2. Brush nude/campaign colour eye shadow on the entire eye lid, right up to the eyebrow line.
  3. Draw skin coloured (nude) eyeliner on the bottom eye lid.
  4. Press silver eye shadow into the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Coat eyelashes with one layer of mascara.

how to brighten eyes with make up beafunmum.com

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  1. Morgan says

    I have never heard of nude eyeliner. I am excited by this, can you tell me what brand you use? I would like to get some and try it out. Your eyes do look brighter and more awake :)

  2. Sandra says


    Thanks for the fantastic info, just wondering if you can tell which brands you used for concealer and eyeshadow?


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