Rainbow Garden Step 3 – Watching it Grow

Planting Nasturtiums

I’ve never had success in growing things.  But I love grown things.  After many, many failed attempts I stopped trying and starting looking; looking for inspiration. I found it in this picture below of the Keukenhof Tulip Fields in Holland.  It’s very interesting when you stop trying and start inspiring because there’s motivation there.

rainbow tulip garden holland

The first step was the children and I decorated vibrant pots. Next, we asked dirtgirl to write us a post about how to plant nasturtiums (because they are colourful, easy to grow, AND we can use the flowers in salad). The children and I: we watched them grow, we watered them and made sure they had enough sunlight, and now Spring has come and we have our first flowers in our rainbow garden.

“MUUUUUM! MUUUUUM!” The way they were screaming you would have been forgiven for thinking it was Christmas morning!

“Come and see!? We have a flower! We have a flower!”

And so we did. From seeds to flower: there was only about a month to six weeks in it.

growing Nasturtiums

We got our rainbow garden and the process made all the family happy. Here’s to more flowers, inspiration and gardening with kids.

rainbow pot garden

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how to plant nasturtiums  -- jewel mix -- orange, red and yellow flowers.

how to plant nasturtiums - jewel mix -- yellow, orange red


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Part 3 Rainbow Garden: Watching it Grow

Another post from dirtgirl: 10 Winter Gardening Tips for Kids

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  1. says

    i love that rainbow garden..so beautiful!!! Also love your pots…we have some flowers growing at the moment but they are still in the tiny plant form..flowers are coming tho!!!

  2. Debs says

    A rainbow garden., what a glorious idea! Love your pots. We add pops of colour to our garden wherever possible. Perhaps we could try a rainbow garden as well? Thanks for sharing :)

  3. says

    Kell, these look so lovely! I have a rainbow garden, all snap dragons, in a variety of colours. Just seeing them makes my day better! I bet these make you feel better too, even more so since they were hand made!

  4. says

    The flowers are really yummy in salads too! Just remember to use organic fertilisers & pest control.

    They are peppery, so probably not something children will get into, but give them a try!

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