Organising Shoes (plus giveaway)

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I’m in a bit of a Spring cleaning mood after redoing the Playroom.  Next little job on my list is to organise my shoes.  l already have a good system in place for the bulk of the family shoes, but how I store my own shoes needed an overhaul. Below is a snap shot of the shoe organisation for our family.

Everyday Family Shoes

With six people living in the house: that’s a lot of shoes.  I like to keep the everyday shoes out on the patio; the bedrooms are too small to store shoes.  I’ve had these bookshelves for a long time, and they are useful to store the bulk of the shoes.

organising shoes


The gumboots and thongs are kept in a Tubtrug from Howards Storage. These tubs are brilliant for all kinds of things (I keep the outdoor balls/toys/large trucks in one too).

organising shoes -- tuff tubs

Shoes Storage

During the holidays, I went to Howards Storage with the kids to look at their huge range of shoe storage, from racks and underbed storage to shoe boxes and door shoe hangers.  I keep my high heels, that I rarely wear, at the bottom of my cupboard on a rack (which works fine). However, with my range of everyday shoes, I found them collecting underneath my desk.  The thing is, I utilise all my flats — I wear them often — and so I need them to be assessable (but still inside the house).

shoe organisation

 My Shoes

I settled on this 4 Tier Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand that fits perfectly at the front door so I can enjoy wearing my shoes (and even changing them during the day) as I go back and forth from meetings, to home, to school pickup. I’ve left a spot there for my husband’s every day shoes too. Sorted.

organising shoes -- shoe rack

While I’m talking about shoes, I want to share a story of my favourite pair of shoes.  They are like a piece of art work! I purchased them 5 years ago now, and as you can see from them sitting there in the top shelf in the picture above, they are still going strong.

flower shoes floral shoes

After I purchased the shoes, I kept them in the cupboard for 10 months before I wore them. Ten months! I was determined to save them for my planned  Masked 30th Birthday Party and worked my outfit around the shoes.  After drooling over the shoes for months and months, you can image my pleasure at wearing them for my birthday party. I purchased them from a little shop on Mt Tamborine, Queensland. They are made from hand painted leather and feel like happiness to wear.  Good memories; fun times.


I adore working with Howards Storage World (they helped me with my Playroom too) because they have such useful systems and friendly staff.  If you need Spring cleaning inspiration, Howards Storage World’s new online catalogue is full of great tips, including a section on shoe organisation.

howards storage catalog


I’ve organised a little giveaway of a $50 gift voucher.  To enter, leave a comment below about your shoe storage challenges and update the form below confirming you’ve done so. That’s it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway has now ended and the winner has been drawn. Congratulations Margi!


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  1. Natalie says

    This is definitely something that needs a makeover in my house! The kids share a basket for their shoes, but there’s nothing for grown-ups – my favs are often squashed under boots or lost in a sea of flats and other shoes. Would live an opportunity to organise this!!

  2. Kristin Warner says

    There are eight people in our house, three of us have a bit of a shoe fetish! Our shoes are currently in a sort of heap in the front hall. It’s such an eye sore, but no matter what we try, we can’t seem to get them organized!

  3. Nicole Stephenson says

    I wish I could organise my shoes like that. If I had those gorgeous shoes I would want to put them on shoe.

  4. Kellee says

    We just had this issue at our place trying to figure out what to do with our shoes in our tiny little apartment. We settled on a basket but that requires fishing around under the ones that get thrown on top. A shoe rack would be perfect with a $50 voucher!

  5. Kylie says

    Shoes are just the start of my storage problems! With a little one running around a small unit and soon to be another, it is hard to find an adequate place to store my shoes.

  6. Anna More says

    My challenge is that I come home from work, kick my shoes off and the next morning (when inevitably I am running late) I go to the spot to put my shoes on and find that my husband (who is not always a fan of my logic) has moved the shoes and placed them somewhere else !! Missed a bus or two looking for shoes and muttering profanities about my hubby under my breath !!

  7. juanita says

    If there is one thing I just can’t quite get in order, it’s our shoe storage situation!
    Because we can’t leave shoes outside due to the risk of finding a snake in them they end up strewn throughout the house! I really need an organized indoor solution.

  8. Janine says

    My shoe challenge is that my boys’ feet are getting so big that what used to work doesn’t anymore! Their shoes are huge!

  9. Nita says

    Five of us, 3 are girls so there are a lot of shoes floating around and tripping us up. We really need a shoe organiser over here!

  10. Sharon says

    My daughters have started to throw off their shoes once they walk in the door so I now have a pile of shoes by my entrance that I don’t know how to make look less messy!

  11. Carmel says

    Shoes, shoes and more shoes. What to do with shoes? I have threatened to throw half of my girls shoes away as they are always in a mess. Four girls in one room and no room for shoes. Sounds like we need Howard’s Storage World and a $50 voucher would be wonderful to get us started.

  12. says

    I finally got around to buying a beautiful shoe holder from Ikea, but with our house about to go on the market, and it screwed into the wall, I will have to leave it behind, so will be looking for new inspiration for my new house!

  13. Adele slade says

    Only 4 people in our house but it’s a small house so most of my shoes are stored in my 6yo sons room, some are in a tub under my bed and some in boxes under my dressing table. It’s not a very good system for finding shoes easily so mostly they are piled in a mess near my bed and this morning my nearly 5 yo daughter vomited all over my expensive brown boots and 2 pairs of shoes!
    Desperately in need of a storage solution

  14. Michelle says

    I currently have 18 pairs of shoes in the garage (where we generally enter the house) that are piled on top of an entirely inadequate shoe rack, leaving no room for the Hubby and son to even consider storing their shoes… Need some better organisation for our shoes!

  15. says

    we have a shoe rack, one of those cheap ones from the $2 shop, however, the family still continues to just throw the shoes and they stay where they land. I end up doing a complete round up and tidy them every two weeks. Definitely need more storage solutions at my house!!

  16. says

    Right now, we use an old cane hutch/shelf in the garage. However I’m usually the only one who returns their shoes to the shelf, everyone else just abandons their shoes in the middle of the garage, which drives me nuts!

  17. Cindy says

    We have a tall bookshelf that we use for shoes, but my growing collection, the addition of toddler shoes, my hubby’s shoes have slowly been edged out and are now just anywhere near the doorway, and it’s hard to open the door without banging into shoes

  18. Marcia Coventry says

    Miss14 comes to mind when I think of shoe storage dilemmas. We’ve always kept shoes in a drawer or the bottom of the wardrobe, but her shoes are now so big (ladies size 10) they just don’t fit. So they lay randomly scattered all over her room.

  19. says

    I am constantly changing the way we store shoes and am yet to be satisfied I have found the solution. We have shoes on shelves, in cupboards, in baskets and under the bed. They seem to be everywhere!

  20. Elizabeth Mayer says

    I just cannot understand how so many shoes accumulate at my front door. This is the most fantastic idea I have ever seen.

  21. Sari Lindfors says

    So. Many. Shoes! I feel like there are 15000 pairs of shoes in my house (I have 4 kids) and yet every day I hear “Muuuuum! I can’t find my shooooooes!”. Aaaaaaaargh!

  22. Marg Turnbull says

    I have 3 girls and not matter what I do my kids keep loosing their shoes! We are always looking for shose when we go out and it drives me nuts. I need one of these great storage ideas!

  23. Tammy says

    I have totally been thinking of what to do with shoe storage lately for the 5 in our household. We have a ‘shoe box’ near the front door, but with a 1 year old in the house we never seem to be able to find a matching pair when it comes time to leave!

  24. Aileen says

    I have some great low starmaid boxes for the kids shoes which fit under a cabinet near our door. Mine are in shoe boxes. Challenge is how to get the kids to put their shoes away……..

  25. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    I would LOVE help with storage. With 3 little ones its hard to find a place for all the accessories!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Kathryn Scobba says

    I’ve got my three kids organized; it’s me and the hubs that I struggle with! Any ideas are always welcome!

  27. Vanessa says

    No matter how hard i try to keep our families shoes organised, it just doesnt work. We are forever tripping over, losing and searching for shoes all over the house. Please help! :)

  28. Ainsley Smith says

    I store my shoes in one of those hanging fabric shelf things in my cupboard. It has about 8 shelves so some of my ‘sometimes’ shoes are doubled up. I store my two pair of tall boots and uggies beside it with pool noodles in them to stop them falling over. It is simple and it works for me.

  29. Amanda Eastment says

    What a great competition! Our “renovators’ delight” has one (built in) cupboard. It doesn’t have any built in wardrobes, except for the few that we have put in. Our bedroom looks like a storage room, minus any storage solutions. We can’t wait to put in wardrobes in the coming months and groovy shoe organization is a definite must.

  30. Helen says

    My challenges, like you, are 6 people and lots of shoes!! And outsides we have chooks and mud, so all the shoes end up there and that means the good shoes end up there too and get trashed. Would be good to have a designated spot for them!

  31. Caroline says

    Ours are in the cupboard closest to the door. The best thing about getting a labrador was the her chewing habits meant that all the shoes get put away!

  32. Melissa Daly says

    I have multiple storage challenges in our new (for us) but very old house. No wardrobes or cupboards for one and a puppy that likes to chew another. Currently it’s tub trugs on top of storage crates to keep our shoes safe!

  33. Vivienne says

    Our shoes overflow the shoe rack, and inhabit strange corners, causing anguish when leaving the house “Where are my shoes???”

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