Masking Tape Road

It took me all of 15 minutes and a $1.50 to pull this together for the kids in the playroom. It’s one of those ideas I’ve seen around a few times and one afternoon after school, I stopped thinking about it and just did it.

Hello! Huge success!  The idea is to use masking tape as a road system on carpet (would work on some hard surfaces too). I guess it depends on what sort of carpet you have, but the masking tape comes off so easily without damage so it worked beautifully in our case (and the playroom carpet is — ah — very rustic). The kids were up and ready for school early the next morning to resume their game.  I left it there for 3 days, and then pulled the tape off again. Until next time.  Easy way to transform a space to inspire play.

fun for kids masking tape roads


Masking tape (cream — ie. not packing tape) or electrical tape


Masking Tape Road

I lay out a road pattern with the masking tape and watched the kids add to it.

fun for kids -- masking tape road


fun for kids -- masking tape roads

fun for kids -- masking tape road


We could add some milk bottle lid street signs next time.


Cardboard Box City

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    I’ve done this activity with my little man a few times and he loves it! We’ve even had the masking tape going up & over the couches & tables, masking tape is great cause it doesn’t damage anything & comes off easily

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