Holding Hands

I believe in Holding Hands

In spontaneous moments, when I’m waiting at the traffic lights, or parked and waiting for someone or something, I reach back with one arm — eyes still straight ahead — and feel for one of my children’s hands and give them a quick squeeze.  It’s one of those random things I do…just because.  The kids make it into a game and I have to guess which hand I’m holding.

I recall when we played this game in the car while we were waiting for someone, and there was time for more than just the usual  random quick squeeze; I guessed correctly every time, even though the kids tried to trick me by doing the same person twice.  The car was filled with laughter!  I know their hands pretty well, I realised.

Miss 12’s are small and strong.

Miss 9’s are relaxed and graceful.

Miss 7’s are chubby and soft.

Mr 6’s are broad and firm.

Hands are beautiful things that can do beautiful things.

Words by Kelly Burstow, Illustration by  Fiona Chandler (@fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage)

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