Look for it. Acknowledge it. Enjoy it.

joy quote

Fi from Finoa Kate is an online friend (fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage on Instagram).  I can’t even remember now how we connected; was a couple of years ago.  We discoverd we had a similar way of looking at the world; a same way of thinking. Both of us are raising four children of similar ages, and in that, experience much of the same challenges even though our lives are different.

Together, we are doing a simple quote series: I do the words; she does the illustration.  This one is about joy.  There are moments of joy everywhere, and even in those tough days, they are there.  You just have to look for it. Acknowlege it. Enjoy it.  I often have to remind myself to be conscious of this: to Love the Moment; to put things into perspective; to look for joy; to shine.

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