Part 2 – Gardening With Kids: Herb Rocks

herb rocks for the garden -- label rocks

The kids and I are doing a little garden project at the moment. The first step was to plant seeds in toilet paper roll pots. In the month we watered and watched the seedlings grow, we made Herb Rocks to use as labels in our garden.


Rocks (with a flat top)

Paint (or paint pen)

Outdoor Gloss Varnish (I used Jo Sonja’s Gloss Varnish – Indoor & Outdoor Use)

Herb Label Rocks

1. Paint the name of the herbs on the rocks. Miss 9 did this part using the seed packets as a guide. We used a green thicker text and then a thinner black text over the top on a white rock.  It looks fantastic on dark rocks too, just use a white or light colour like yellow.

spice garden rocks

spice garden rocks

2. Allow the paint to dry and then coat the rocks with an outdoor varnish.  This is optional but I have found with outdoor projects like this, that the colour will stay vibrant if they are sealed.  I used Jo Sonja’s Gloss Varnish – Indoor & Outdoor Use) you can get from places like Spotlight and craft shops.

3. Once the rocks are dry, use in the garden!

The kids wanted to decorate a few rocks pretty too, and we used the same process and used them in the tomato garden which brings a lovely splash of colour.

spice garden rocks


herb garden rocks

painted rocks in the garden


Part 1 – Gardening With Kids: Planting from Seeds (using toilet rolls)



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