The Playroom Project: Watching Them Play

The playroom makeover with Howards Storage happend over two weeks ago now.  A tidy and organised before/after picture is one thing, however I wanted to see how the changes worked in every day family life.

The bottom line: it’s beyond fabulous.  I love the view from my kitchen and watching the children create elaborate games: building, combining toys and making craft to support their game.


  • The kids play with their toys more. “Things are easy to find,” they said.
  • The elfa drawers are often pulled out by the kids so they can find what they like.  I don’t mind this.  They even use the baskets in their play.  Pack up is easy: the children simply throw the items in the corresponding basket and put it back.
  • Toys are more-so confined to this area (because there is more floor space) and less spread around the house.

Watching Them Play

Over the last couple of weeks, it’s been a joy to watch the children play and I’ve captured frozen moments, sometimes in the morning, sometimes during the day and sometimes at dusk. Nothing has been moved or staged, I simply photographed the children as they were.  I’ve looked through these pictures many times because they make me happy.

playroom play

Cleaning Up

The last two pictures you see in the sequence above are before (when the kids played on and off for the entire weekend and stuff was everywhere!) and after packup.  I decided to time the three of them to see how long it took to pack-up the entire playroom.  And…

how long to clean up the playroom

Four minutes! Ah, I use that now, I can tell you.  I say, “Right, it will only take you four mintues to clean up…and go!” It gives them motivation too, knowing that if they get stuck into it, it only takes a short period to tidy everything up.

That’s all. I just wanted to share the reality of how the playroom works and the beauty of children’s play.

Do you sometimes pause for a moment and watch them play?

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  1. Jenni says

    the 5th picture of your daughter and teddies so reminds me of my daughter. She is similar colouring so it could easily be her. thanks for making me smile thinking about my Millie playing a similar game. :)

  2. says

    your last post on cleaning the playroom inspired me and last week me and the kids organized all their toys into boxes…I have found since doing this they are way more motivated to play with all their different toys because everything is easily accessed and also easy to put away. I love watching my kids play, love how they can get so carried away in a game, using different voices and acting out little funny scenes.. so cute!

  3. Sarah says

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the tip about HStorage Elpha range – its great. We are going to do a major renovation early next year and I was wondering how we could afford wardrobes, office space and what to do with the toys when the current toy room is demolised. Thanks! I showed MOTH last night and he was suitably impressed!


    MOTH: Man of the house

      • Sarah says

        Morning Kelly,

        Making the house bigger! Yahooo… The house is going up and we are building in underneath. It will be done in stages (finances!) but I am really excited. I am very keen to use the elpha storage system for little man’s toys and the wardrobes. Our wardrobe will be ‘hidden’ behind a wall so we won’t need doors and the elpha system would be perfect! Thanks again (do love your blog). xox
        Have a great day.

        PS. I am heading back to Big W today to find the green cardi! Thanks for the tip re:Emerson!

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