Mess Free Zip Lock Bag Painting

zip lock bag painting

Mess free painting is possible! This zip lock painting idea is a perfect craft for young children on a rainy day.


Paper plate (of section of paper/cardboard)
Large zip lock bag (a section of sticky tape can be useful to use as a double seal)
Non-toxic paints

How to make

1. Put a few blobs of paint on the paper plate.

  mess free painting - zip lock bag painting

2. Carefully place the plate inside the large zip lock bag, being careful not to smudge the paint, and push out air before closing the bag. Place a section of tape over the zip lock end for a double seal if desired. 

mess free painting - zip lock bag painting

3. Little fingers can work the paint through the bag to create a pattern. This is a fun way to mix colours to discover new ones too.

mess free painting - zip lock bag painting

4. Carefully remove plate from bag.

mess free painting - zip lock bag painting

5. Add some words and hang on the wall or fridge!

mess free painting - zip lock bag painting

Tip: good idea to snip finger nails short so the bag doesn’t get pierced.


  • Use a piece of cardboard or paper instead of the plate.
  • Put paint inside the bag without paper, and tape it to a sliding/glass door.


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