Plastic Bowl Boat

plastic bowl boat

These sturdy little boats take only a few minutes to make.


Small plastic bowl
Paddle-pop stick (or a twig works)
Craft glue
Large plastic container (optional)
Blue food colouring (optional)

How to make

1. Colour in the corner of a piece of A4 paper with a coloured texter in a isosceles (sail-like) triangle shape. Cut.

plastic bowl boat

2. Glue the long side triangle sail to the paddle pop stick to make the sail.

plastic bowl boat

3. Use blu-tack to attach the paddle pop stick inside the plastic bowl.

plastic bowl boat

4. Float in the bath, the kitchen sink, a bucket of water or a large plastic container like we did.  To make the water blue, add a few drops of blue food colouring (it’s diluted so doesn’t stain).

plastic bowl boat

 5. Race.  Blow the boats to see who can get to the other side first.  These boats can hold small toys too.

plastic bowl boat

plastic bowl boat


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