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big w emerson

“No husbands were harmed in the making of this post,” he said in a reporter voice at one point.  See, that’s the sort of thing my husband says that makes me laugh, and you can see it reflected in the pictures.  Love that man and how he humours me and my many projects.

On this particular afternoon, we headed out with the children to a favourite spot where my husband patiently played photographer because I wanted share three main reasons why I organise my wardrobe for each new season.

1. To celebrate the new season (helps me feel fresh)

2. To save time when dressing (I enjoy fashion but I don’t have a lot of time)

3. To help me utilise items already in my wardrobe (so things don’t go to waste)

I give a little splash to my wardrobe each season to extend what I already have; however, this season, I needed a few extra pieces because I kept off much of the weight I lost during my 300km charity ride in Laos (bonus!).  So, I was glad when Big W was keen to work with me because I’ve purchased, worn and enjoyed the Emerson range before and found it to be great value, easy wearing and good quality. I especially love their 3/4 sleeve cardigans this season.

Each week for the next 3 weeks I’m giving away a $200 Big W voucher so you too have a chance to spruce up your Spring wardrobe with Emerson.

Steps to a Fresh Seasonal Wardrobe

1. Cull

Each season I do a quick cull by looking through the items I have, and giving away clothes I don’t wear or don’t fit. Be ruthless.

2. Choose a Season Highlight Colour

Classic fashion pieces in neutral colours like beige, navy, black and white are always useful.  Plus I have a lot of red, because I like wearing red (I think it’s important to have that zing colour). Then, to inject some personality and freshness, I decide on a highlight colour. Last year it was coral (as pictured below).

coral colours

Deciding on a highlight colour gives direction to my wardrobe which then makes it easy to dress and find complimentary items to wear.  This season, I’m going with aqua because it reminds me of the sea.

3. Inspiration

Inspiration: it makes me think outside the box and helps to maximise my wardrobe.  For me, colour is the ultimate inspiration and I often browse and search a fabulous website called Design-Seeds for different colour palettes to help me match the items and accessories already in my wardrobe with my new clothes.   I’ll show further below how this works.

4. Sort

Inspiration in hand, I then sort and explore my wardrobe (including shoes, belts, bags, jewellery & other accessories) so I can test different items together.  The best way to do this is spread clothes all over the bed and just start putting items together.

spring wardrobe

5. Organise

Pulling everything out gives me a visual of my wardrobe and what combinations work.  It’s amazing how much you can mix and match pieces and accessories when you invest a little concentrated time.  Then, I organise it all in my wardrobe, by hanging tops together, then shorts/skirts, then dresses.  I hang jewellery on a railing inside the wardrobe (as pictured in this post).


Taking the time each season (takes about an hour) to think about my wardrobe makes dressing stylishly FAST and enjoyable.  Below are picture of how it came together: new clothes + colour inspiration + existing wardrobe.

Outfit one – Beachy

big w emerson -- aqua shorts

design seeds pink

Wearing: Emerson Contrast Cardi, Emerson Aqua Demin Shorts, Pink Flats (a year old), Brown Belt (5 years old), Peacock Necklace (gift from my sister), Ecco Brown Plait Bracelet, Aqua ring from Diva (2 years old).

Outfit Two – Classic

big w emerson -- white shirt

design seeds red aqua and white

Wearing: Emerson Classic White Shirt, Emerson Dark Denim Skirt, Aqua Bon Bon Bella Necklace, 30th Birthday Floral Shoes (5 years old)

Outfit Three – Classy

peter morrissey dress for big w

design seeds black blue and yellow

Wearing: Peter Morrissey Striped Dress, Peter Morrissey Sunglasses, 3 Blues Lovsia Necklace (gift from my SIL for my birthday last year), Yellow Wedges (for my birthday last year), Cuff (from my recent trip to Africa), Fiorelli bag (I picked up on a sale table 4 years ago).

* COMING SOON! Interview with Peter Morrissey about his Big W range.

Outfit Four – Smart Casual

big w emerson -- denim skirt

design seeds red navy beige

Wearing: Emerson Dark Denim Skirt, Emerson Black Singlet, Emerson Beige Cardi, Red Belt (from a little shop in Montville 2 years ago), Ecco Wedges (1 year old), Red &  Silver Bracelet stack (gifts from a friend last birthday), Bag from Italy (recent gift from a friend)

Outfit Five — A Little Cute & Quirky

big w emerson -- cardi

design seeds purple pink green

Wearing: Emerson Black Singlet, Emerson Beige Cardi, Purple Pants (4 months old), Pink flats (a year old), Bon Bon Bella necklace, Diva Aqua Ring (2 years old), Black Bluebird Purse Clutch.

Outfit Six – Floral

big w peter morrissey

design seeds green

Wearing: Peter Morrissey Print Navy Top, Emerson Dark Denim Skirt, Peter Morrissey Sunglasses, Vintage Pearl Necklace as a braclet (found at a thrift shop), Pendant Necklace (gift), Green leather court shoe (found at a thrift shop) or Blueberry Mox Shoes

Outfit Seven – Everyday Glamour

big w fashion - emerson dress

design seeds red blue pink

Wearing: Emerson Blue Cardi, Emerson Print Dress, Ecco Wedges (a year old), Bon Bon Bella Aqua Necklace, Peter Morrissey Sunglasses.

This is only a small selection of all the mixing and matching I can do with my wardrobe this Spring. Celebrating it! Loving it!


Now the fun part.  I’m giving away a $200 Big W gift voucher each week for 3 weeks, starting right now!  For your chance to win, use the simple Rafflecopter entry form below.

Starts 17 August, Ends 23 August. Read full terms and conditions by clicking the relevant link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would your highlight colour be?

All view are my own. Read my disclosure policy here.


The lovely Kate from Kate Says Stuff is doing a giveaway too, so if you want another chance to win, head over to her blog here.

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  1. says

    Kel you just get gorgeouser and gorgeouser! I know that’s not a real word but I need a new word to fit your uniqueness and I think that does. These photos & post made me smile and miss you all at the same time. Look forward to catching up in December! Meanwhile the shoot looks like fun, who better a photographer to bring out your best side too! xx

  2. Marcia Coventry says

    You look amazing as always. My highlight colour would have to be muted tones of green. Love the Everyday Glamour look!

  3. Rebecca says

    These outfits are gorgeous I love most of them, my fave would have to be the Cute & Quirky! My highlight colour would be turquoise just loving that at the moment :) Thanks for the inspiration and tips!

  4. corrie says

    Thanks so much for the modelling! I loved it and it gave me so many ideas on how to zing up my wardrobe! I especially loved the pink flats and gorgeous blue necklace.And all the great colour combos, I think I’ll do my wardrobe ASAP!!!

  5. Kat says

    I love the way you have put these outfits together, especially the pops of aqua in the necklace and ring. (love those and love me some aqua highlights)
    I too have a lot of red in my wardrobe, but over summer emerald green has become my next favourite, along with aqua in jewellery.
    Off to Big W to check out their range. I spotted the Peter Morrisey range the other day and found some nice pieces there too.

  6. Natalie says

    What a fun giveaway! I think my highlight colour would be green – there’s so much about this season, and it’s so gorgeous and fresh. I’ve actually been looking at my wardrobe and lamenting that I don’t really have any teacher clothes for when I go out on prac – but I love Emerson’s range, as all the pieces are really versatile, well made, and match really well within ranges. And the shoes at Big W are awesome too! My favs from last season were a pair of pumpkin coloured flats that I wore everywhere, and bright blue flats that were great for adding a bit of colour to wardrobe staples.
    Happy weekend, lovely! xx

  7. Rachel Kriss-Newell says

    Oh yellow has to be the key
    To all things great for you and me
    To highlight an article of choice
    To draw attention without using your voice

    Bright, cheerful, inspirational, fun
    The happy colour of the midday sun.
    So when you want some yellow to please
    Take hold of yellow; for adults, kids and teens

  8. Kirsten Benhiam says

    I love all the colours and seeing the clothes on someone makes a difference. I don’t really like clothes shopping but this might make me go and try on a few things that I wouldn’t normally. I love the bloom tones. There are a few colours there that I wouldn’t mind getting.

  9. Kylie Embury says

    Blues and greens would be my highlight colour. I’m so looking forward to Spring so I can get out of my black/brown/grey ‘uniform’ I usually resort to in Winter.

  10. Renee says

    Love turquoise for highlight. All your looks are so simple yet creative, thanks for the inspiration. Especially love 1 & 5!

  11. Jo says

    Aqua/torquoise are my highlight colours – they always make an outfit feel polished! I love all your outfits but my favourite would be (apart from all the aqua jewellery) would be the cute and quirky.

  12. Amanda Eastment says

    You’ve got style. Thanks for the tips. I also do red as a highlighter mainly cause most of my maternity wardrobe was grey or black so now that my size has changed, I’m up for some new outfits. I’d love to highlight with a fresh green or aqua.

  13. Denyse says

    See you then and your HUGE smile made me so happy! You look gorgeous but it’s also coming from within! So happy that your Mr makes you laugh lots! It’s the secret to keeping on keeping on…. Love D xxx

  14. Amy says

    Love these outfits. I’m actually in desperate need of a few more basics. My go-to jeans have a giant hole in the crotch, it’s making things… say the least.

  15. says

    :-) You look fab in those blue pants pink shoes black top white cardie blue necklace suits you to a tee!!
    :-) You can tell springs here not by the colour of the clothes but by the weather these freezing cold fays & nights. Goodluck everyone .. cheers!

  16. Julie petrekovic says

    When having trouble with fashion “Big W” will create the right impression. Turquoise would be my highlight colour, eye-catching, versatile and stylish beyond compare!

  17. Sarah says

    Kelly, I am not on facebook and a bit of a luddite but think I have entered the competition correctly!! I hope so. I really couldn’t wait to find out and headed over to our local Big W and bought the denim skirt and a couple of tops (including a lovely 3/4 length stripey one in pink AND blue~!). Thanks for the heads up.. .love that denim skirt. It is going to be on high rotation this summer. I just need some shoes… and a cardi… heheheheheee!

  18. Narelle A says

    Gorgeous, it goes to show that its not about how much you spend but how you work it and you worked it girl!

  19. Jenny says

    Coral is my highlight colour of choice at the moment but I think I am going to change it to mint green for spring/summer.

  20. Nicole White says

    A colour that’s romantic and disarming,
    Like a flirty wink,
    Feminine, pretty and ever so charming,
    My favourite Spring colour is PINK!

  21. Isabel says

    A deep green is my highlight colour,
    For a toddler’s mama, it’s the perfect colour,
    It hides stains and yucky food spills all year,
    In Big W’s Emerson green jeans and green top,
    I may look like kermit the frog but I’d feel like a superstar!

  22. Amanda says

    I really enjoyed reading this post! thanks for sharing, now to do some sorting of my own. I also love how you get lots of cool birthday presents, we are having issues in our family with just “handing” over cash which now just feels like a bank transaction :(

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