Plastic Spoon People

plastic spoon people designs

Let me introduce you to this funky bunch: They are the plastic spoon people family. My kids had a lot of fun with these; they are simple and easy to make and perfect for travel, parties, picnics, imaginative play and puppet shows.


plastic spoon people

Plastic teaspoons
Felt scraps
Permanent markers
Craft Glue
Shoebox (optional)

How to make                   

1.Draw Face

Draw faces on the back of the teaspoons.  What makes this fun is giving each teaspoon person their own personality by making them unique.  You can do that by drawing the features in differently.  I find if I give my children a few ideas, it opens up an new world of drawing options to them. Below is my notepad with some doodles.

Print a larger PDF version of my note pad by clicking the picture.

drawing different cartoon features -- nose, eyes, mouth, hair

Eye: round, oval, closed, eyebrows, no eyebrows, eyelashes, no eyelashes, google eyes, x’s

Mouth: little smile, big smile, big teeth, lipstick lips, two lines

Nose: two dots, an L shape, an oval, a circle, two !!

Hair: wool hair, felt hair, streamer hair, drawn hai: curly, short, fringed, bob, long

2. Add Clothes

funky plastic soon people

Add extra details like hats, necklaces and clothes using permanent markers and other craft materials like wool using craft glue.

Clothes: stripes, dots, short, shirt, dress, necklace, felt hat, streamer scarf, felt clothes, dots for buttons, belt, scrunched up streamer for pom poms

3. Make a Home (optional)

Create a home for the spoon people by decorating a shoe box and punching holes in the top using scissors.

 spoon people home

Prop the spoon people inside the holes and you can store them inside the box too! Great for travel.

plastic spoon people

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