Father’s Day Craft: Pen Holder Photo/Bookmark

Dad can pop this photo in with the pens.  It’s an interesting way to display a photo of the kids and it’s easy to make too! 

father's day craft idea -- pen holder photo


Paddle-pop (Popsicle) stick

Craft Glue




1. Print a favourite picture of the kids. For this craft, it works best to use a portrait picture of kids standing close together, like the one I used below.

Father's Day Gift Idea

2. Cut around the outline of the figures and glue to the top of a paddle pop stick (allowing a large portion of stick to stick out the bottom so it can sit in a pen holder).

3. Write Happy Father’s Day (plus the date) on the end of the stick with a pen.  It can also be used as a bookmark.

father's day craft idea -- pen holder photo complete

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