Flower Petal Writing

flower petal writing

Remnants of flowers.

When life begins to drain out of the delicate petals, the colour waining slightly, is beauty gone? Lost?

Flower Petal Word Writing

A simple activity is to use tired petals (or fresh ones) from cut flowers to trace a word on a piece of paper or canvas.

I did this with my 10-year-old daughter.  First, write the letters out in pencil. Then lay the petals along the lines.

flower petal writing

Such a beautiful way to celebrate the end of the flower’s life!  This activity may only take 5-10 mintues, but there’s something lovely about feeling the soft petals in your fingers while forming something new.

flower petal writing

Photo-bombed by Dad.

flower petal writing

Beauty is all around us.

beauty is everwhere

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