Paint Leaves

autumn activity for kids paint leaves

To celebrate Autumn, the younger children and I went to one of our favourite exploring spots for a rainbow leaf hunt. We also collected dry leaves to later paint and hang in the kitchen (we did this last year with maple leaves).

I love doing this sort of activity with the children because it has value and meaning. It’s not just about a craft to fill the time. No, it’s more than that.   It’s about taking the time to notice around us (it’s Autumn and leaves are changing).  It’s about exploring and spending time as a family.  It’s about doing a mini project together that adds joy to the house we all live in.  And I feel good about it…long after the paint dries.


Paint ( I used child-friendly acrylic paint)

Paint brushes (small brushes work best)


String (I use Divine Twine)

Painting Leaves

1. We looked for already dry leaves that were quite flat (ie. not too curled) to make painting easy.

autumn activity kids -- paint leaves

2. Simple designs seem to work best, like lines and dots.

autumn activity kids -- paint leaves

autumn activity kids -- paint leaves

3. Allow to dry

autumn activity kids -- paint leaves

4. The easiest way to hang the leaves, so they sit flat against the wall, is to thread string on to a large needle, and then starting from the unpainted side, thread the needle up through, and then back down again  on the same leaf.  Repeat until all the leaves are on the string. Hang and then space the leaves apart as desired!


How cute do these look!?   I enjoy seeing the leaves in my kitchen everyday.  They bring colour into the house as we celebrate nature in the home with good memories attached.

autumn activity kids -- paint leaves to hang

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A beautiful Autumn activity Paint Leaves

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Paint Sticks

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  1. says

    Such pretty leaves! My daughter would love this activity, although at three years old I suspect that her painting will result in the usual squelchy, hands-covered, everything-goes-to-brown mess. Which is lots of fun too! :)

  2. says

    Your patterns are so lovely…i would want to always display them! I did try something similar with my girls but they covered them in paint and they weren’t quite salvageable…the experience was great though…thanks for sharing x

  3. says

    Wow! They look so beautiful. I’m keen to do this myself!
    I love this time of year when the leaves are changing. It’s a great time for children to observe simple changes in the environment.

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