Rainbow Leaves

Rainbow Leaves

I felt a little restless.  It was a regular Saturday morning and my husband had taken the two eldest girls to sport.

“Do you want to go out somewhere for a little bit?” I asked my two youngest children who were with me at home.

It was a beautiful day outside, and I knew going out in the sunshine for a while would ground me for the day.

“How about we collect leaves?”  I said as we grabbed hats and shoes.

The change of season is such a beautiful thing, and I look for ways to celebrate this with the children.  Last year we collected leaves in Autumn, and hung them along the window.  This year, I thought we could collect leaves once again, and sort them in the different grading colours (I saw this idea here).  I was waiting for an opportune moment, and this was it.  To have some sort of mission, a purpose, can add an extra element to fun in the outdoors.  That may be counting birds, looking for the perfect pet rock, or hunting for rainbow leaves.

We headed out to one of our favourite spots to explore and collect leaves along the way. Seeing my kids in wide open space like this — such beauty — does my heart good.  Such a delight!

autumn activity

Autumn activity for kids -- collect leaves

Autumn activity for kids -- collect leaves

Autumn activity for kids -- collect leaves

autumn activity kids -- rainbow leaves

Autumn activity for kids -- collect leaves

autumn activity kids

Home again saw us do a few different activities with leaves, one of which, was sorting them into the different colour shades.  Don’t they look beautiful!  What an enriching thing to do with kids during Autumn!  It’s an activity with value and reinforces the natural wonder happening around us.  Making connections as we live: it’s good.

rainbow leaves for autumn

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  1. says

    What glorious photos. I find being outside grounds me too.. and the kids as well. And there is almost nothing I enjoy more than watching my children run free in the great outdoors. It feels like the way it should be and I always think we should be outside more. I love the purpose of this rainbow leaf gathering as it would feel a real accomplishment to find a whole set! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. says

    Aren’t these leaves gorgeous?! Autumn would have to be my favourite season. It is so very beautiful, isn’t it? And the crisp air really is good for the soul :) This is only my third autumn here in Canberra. We used to live in Townsville. Canberra does autumn so very beautifully :)

  3. says

    Love your photos, looks like you all had a wonderful adventure out in the fresh air :-) And the rainbow leaves are beautiful, I remember seeing that at Love in the Suburbs too :-) and having it capture my attention

    • says

      Yeah, it captured me immediately…and I was waiting…and waiting…and waiting here in Brissy for the leaves to colour more. We did have SUCH a delightful time. We came back with a spring in our step. Love that.

  4. says

    What a truly fantastic place to have close by to you to explore. My girls would love it there…we have been outdoors a lot lately as it helps calm them when they are sick with colds and grumpy….and Mummy just a little bit to 😉
    Love your idea with the leaves…I haven’t found many different coloured ones here yet…but will be sure to try this out!

    • says

      I was surprised Jode…because here in Brisbane we don’t get masses of leaf changes (because it doesn’t get that cold) but when we went out looking for them…I couldn’t believe how many I found!

  5. Renèe adventuresathomewithmum says

    Beautiful pictures
    I don’t think we would have an array of colours like that. We’re going to have to go leaf hunting :-)

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