Pebble Fairy House

pebble fairy house

Surprisingly easy and utterly adorable, the Pebble Fairy House turned out even better than I expected!  It took 20 minutes to construct and it now takes pride place at the base of our backyard tree.


Pebbles or stones (collected or you can find them at places like a nursery, Bunnings, discount stores or garden centres).

Hot glue gun (I used 4 glue sticks)


Ice-cream container lid


1. Place a layer of pebbles down on the ice-cream lid in the size/shape desired.  Once happy with the position, glue each stone down.

pebble fairy house

2. Create a second layer of pebbles by gluing each stone in position on top of/in between another pebble.  It doesn’t really matter if the size/shape of the pebbles differ because it’s rustic looking.

pebble fairy house

3.  I started it off, and then my almost-12-year-old daughter took over.  I trust her with the hot glue gun, but I wouldn’t give it to a younger child.   Continue layering the pebbles until the fairy house is the desired height. (Place glue on the bottom AND each side of the stones for extra strength).

pebble fairy house

4.  Look for a few pieces of bark for the roof.  My daughter found the bark pictured on a nearby tree.

pebble fairy house

5. The roof is probably the trickiest part.  My daughter had the idea of building the stones up at the back of the house in a triangle shape to support the bark.  This worked a treat. We arranged and glued a few pieces of bark on and attached a plastic flower we had in the craft box.

pebble fairy house -- bark roof

6. Cut the plastic ice-cream lid around the edge of the house (using a craft knife on a board).  This makes it easy to blend the fairy house into grass or dirt so it looks more realistic.

pebble fairy house

7. Use another piece of bark and lean over the hole for the door.

pebble fairy house


The Pebble Fairy House isn’t designed to last forever but oooo-eeee, it looks cute!  And it’s surprisingly sturdy.  We decided to put it at the base of our backyard tree, next to the twig rope ladder.  It would be a fun craft for older kids to make and use as decoration on a dresser in their room too.

pebble fairy house

pebble fairy house

pebble fairy house -- peg people

My three younger children made peg dolls to go with the new fairy home.  Love that: when all the family is involved in a little project in different ways.  Miss 12 made the house with me. Then Miss 9 helped the younger kids (7 and 5) make peg dolls, and they played. Gold.

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    • says

      Ha! Teacher Tom is cool! I let my 12-year-old go for it and I didn’t necessarily need to supervise her. I would let me 9 year-old too…

      I’m sure my son (5) would love (LOVE) to use it…I would have to heavily supervise…but I think it’s a great idea with wood and stuff. It’s such a great tool really for craft because it dries so quickly!

  1. says

    So cute indeed and your little oh so adorable twig ladder is still there :) A friend of mine’s little boy, he’s 5, is completely obsessed with his new fairy garden and busily tinkers away at it everyday. My friend always finds little trinkets from inside have made their way down to the fairy garden. It’s so sweet. My two aren’t too interested…yet! But oh the fun we will have when they are. Such a sweet little house.

  2. says

    Oh wow, this is so beautiful! I have a hot glue gun but haven’t used it with my 4 y/o yet, although having a lot of experience with glueing etc, I imagine that with careful adult supervision she would be able to have a go. Although, really, I just want to make it myself hehe… I *suppose* I could let her help me a wee bit. haha :)

  3. says

    oh i’ve been looking everywhere for a proper little fairy house for our mossy fairy garden! I kept looking for a wire one, or pre-built thing of wood… never occurred to me to make one myself from stones. SO doing this. <3

  4. Nae @ adventuresathomewithmum says

    Aww so gorgeous. We did a gnome garden, this little style fairy house would fit right in :-)

  5. says

    Oh my goodness, a glue stick. I sooo need to get one because I’ll be making one of these. Actually, do you think it would be okay to litter the nature reserve behind us with a couple of them? I’m sure a little girl would be stoked to find one! he he he

  6. says

    Now I feel really bad, because _once again_ I have to copy this brilliant idea. It’s great! And it’s just the right thing to do with Minka — she will love it!

    Where do you always come up with these ideas?

    So long,

    P.S.: I won’t be able to donate to your project b/c with all the fees it will be to expensive from Austria. But I keep my fingers crossed that it will be a huge success and will be curious to learn more about your experiences!

  7. says

    What an adorable little fairy house. I love that it is so simple to make and can be admired forever. I will look forward to making one of these when my little girl starts understanding fairies. Thanks for posting.

  8. Cath says

    This didn’t work for me. The stones were so smooth, the glue couldn’t stick them together – the glue would harden then slide off. Did anyone else have this problem? went to bunnings and bought some Selleys stuff in a tube that is meant to stick anything to anything and had another go – I’m going to let it dry overnight and fingers crossed it will stick properly this time.

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