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Positive lunchbox cards

Ange from Finlee and Me is a friend, and she has this new adorable product in store.  My kids love them, I love them, so I’m sharing them with you too.

Lunch box Love Cards

The idea is simple: inspiring words and fun facts on cute reusable cards to encourage and uplift the young ones in your life. They can be used in the lunchbox, on a pillow to discover before bed, stuck to the mirror, wrapped inside a gift…or even for conversations starters at the dinner table.  Just little tokens of appreciation and love with bit of fun.

Each card has a enlightening phrase on one side and a fun fact on the flip side. Below are some examples.

Try to cheer someone up today    –>    Did you know only male fireflies can fly

I love our talks  –>     Did you know your foot is thought to be the same length as your forearm (from your elbow to your wrist)

There are 12 cards in each plastic credit card sized case –10 with different phrases and fun facts and 2 blanks so you can add a personal message.  Each pack costs $4.95 and you can find them here: Finlee and Me Lunchbox Love Cards.

I’ll show you a few more cards, front and back, in example lunches I give my children.

Lunchbox Example 1

Wholemeal bread sandwich, salami and vita-weat crackers, grapes, cherry tomatoes.

lunchbox ideas

Lunchbox Example 2

Wholemeal bread sandwich, belVita biscuits, carrot sticks, banana, corn on the cob.

lunchbox ideas

Lunchbox Example 3

Wholemeal bread sandwich, tin of tuna, crackers, snap peas, kiwi fruit.

Lunchbox Love Cards

Buy them at Finlee and Me. Click the button below.

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  1. says

    These look soooo cute Kell. I just did a little post where I added animal quiz questions to Miss Possum’s lunch box but it would be great to now extend on that and put other messages in. I won’t have to worry about my messy handwriting either!

    • says

      I sometimes leave messages too…like writing on bananas etc. These are great because they are so quick, reusable…and the fun facts are REALLY cool. They become a fun talking point for the kids and their friends at school.

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