Easter Chicky Jars

I’m into easy, I’m into quick, and this Easter activity satisfies both of these requirements.  I made cute mini Chicky Jars to gift to my children this Easter. The good thing about them, is they look cute…AND they are small, so the amount of chocolate is portioned nicely.

My children are at the age now where they can use these little jars (when all the chocolate is gone) in their room for things like shell collections, trinkets and pocket money.  So the jars in themselves, become a bit of a gift too.

All up, the chocolate filled jars cost me about $3.50 each.


Easter Craft -- Chicky Jars

Chocolate eggs (I used m & m’s Speckled eggs)

Craft glue (for even stronger result, use a glue gun)

Yellow chickies

Mini jars (found at discount stores and supermarkets)

Ribbon (optional)

Easter Chicky Jars

Glue the chicky to the top of the jar and allow to dry. Then fill with chocolate eggs and finish off with a ribbon!

Easter Craft -- Chicky Jars

Easter Craft -- Chicky Jars


  • Use different coloured chickies to mix it up.
  • Add a gift tag.
  • Place a little shredded paper in the base of the jar.

I love when readers send in their own versions of the craft.  Jayne sent in this picture of the chicky jars she made with her son for teacher gifts.  CUTE!!

Easter craft for kids -- easter chicky jars


Easter Craft


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