A Rainbow Room (stay bright during winter)

I’m happy to have my designer friend Fiona here on the blog to share simple ways to brighten up a room coming into the winter months.

Guest Post by Fiona Chandler

rainbow room for winter

By using one element, for example: pom poms, you can change the look of a room which can be fun for a change.

A Rainbow Room

Step 1

Gather 3 or 4 bright items you already own — a gorgeous dress, stripey socks, a toy, box, blanket; ribbons plaited or wooden toys stacked — and feature around the room.

a rainbow room for kids

Step 2

Use a pom pom garland to make letters (I used this gorgeous cashmere garland from flowerchild.com.au or you can make your own). Shape the garland into letters and take quick shots on your phone or camera. It doesn’t have to be a name; WELCOME or  HAPPY work just as well.   lf your little one wants to help, you could get really keen and do the entire alphabet.

rainbow letters for a rainbow room

Step 3

Print your pictures of the coloured lettering onto photo cards, or enlarge on A4 photo paper.

Step 4

Either frame or simply stick up your art like I did using washi tape in bright spots.

rainbow wall feature

The result is a cozy & bright room heading into Winter. EASY!

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  1. says

    Lovely! We are moving in three weeks and I’m wondering how I can brighten up the girls rooms because they all have a green feature wall. All girls aren’t so keen on that colour in their bed rooms. Perhaps, if I get the colouring right I could make them into rainbow rooms. Now I’m kind of excited to try!

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