Easter Craft: Lollipop Bunnies

Guest Post from Kristie

Kristie is a mum who loves making treats and she is sharing how to make cute Bunny Lollipops, perfect for Easter craft.

easter lollipop bunny

What you need

Lollipops (sphere shape)

Foam Eggs Balls (bags available from discount stores or craft shops)

Double-sided Tape

Pom Poms (For tail)

Pipe Cleaner (Cut each into 3 equal pieces)

Cardboard (cut out in small squares for the feet)

Permanent Marker (To draw face)


1. Twist a foam egg on to lollipop stick (twisting carefully not to damage foam ball)

2. Using double-sided tape fix bunny to cardboard and draw on feet with permanent marker

3. Use 1/3 of pipe cleaner and twist around the lollipop stick between the foam head and the lollipop body.  This will make arms. Tip: You can use a ribbon instead to make the arms.

easter craft -- lollipop bunny

4.  Use 1/3 of pipe cleaner, bend in half and push the ends into one side of the foam egg to create and ear. Repeat for the other ear.

5. Draw a bunny face on the foam egg with a marker.

6. Use double-sided tape to fix a pom pom tail

You can make a bunch of these to give to friends as gifts and use the cardboard feet to write a message.

easter craft -- lollipop bunny

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  1. Kristie says

    Thanks for sharing Kelly :) They are SUPER CUTE and EASY to make!! The kids at school LOVED them :) Happy Easter Everyone

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