Stand Tall and Bright Like a Yellow Daisy Against the Blue Sky

posy of flowers

The thrill of wrapping a length of blue twine around a fresh posy of yellow flowers! I wonder if it makes me strange that such a simple task produced such enjoyment on my part. I looked over my one minute job with the satisfaction of a day’s work!

table arrangement -- yellow flowers

I saved a few flowers ($5 a bunch!) from my table arrangement for the birthday girl. Seven on the 7th of January, she was.

“Ooooh! They are so pretty!” Her excited gasp burst before I could speak a word.  “Can I have them Mum?”

“They ARE for you,” I said with a smile.

Her thrill matched my own.  It’s nice that: when children glean what you value over time, by the way you life life, and you see it mirrored in their responses, and in their facial expressions.

Those who know this girl of mine, are often struck by her joy; her delight; her expression — as we are every day.

posy of flowers

Later, she put the posy in a tinted jar vase in the room she shares with her younger brother.

posy of yellow flowers

May you always take delight in the joy around you, lovely girl.  Never allow others who cannot see, or hardship, or negativity, steal your joy. No.  You stand tall –sweet girl — and bright like a yellow daisy against the blue sky.

flower and tiara


Deconstructing flowers

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