Ice Treasure Hunt

ice treasure hunt

The happiness in his face says it all!

I’ve seen this sort of ice treasure hunt idea a few times while searching the Internet, and I thought it looked like fun.  My son loves ice, and we’ve done different things before using it in play: Arctic Play Scene, Ice Cube Painting, Dinosaur Ice Blocks.  The idea of the treasure hunt is to use tools  (or water to melt the ice) to dislodge the toys from the ice.

Ice Treasure Hunt

Large plastic container (empty ice cream containers work well)

Plastic toys (that won’t get damanged when wet

Food colouring (optional)


ice treasure hunt

  • Fill a large plastic container with water (we added a little blue colouring)
  • Place a selection plastic toys inside
  • Freeze for about 8 hours (until solid)

Ice Treasure Hunt

  • I gave my son plastic tools and eye protection (ice does tend to fly around), and he loved smashing the ice and finding the toys inside.   You can also use water to melt the ice (hot or cold).

ice treasure hunt

Perfect for these hot summer days!


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  1. Katie says

    Great idea!!! Wow – you have some awesome ideas on here! I must say – there is NO chance my 2 y.o daughter would leave my little man alone long enough to do this!!! She just has to do everything he does!!! I’ll have to have a search around your site to get ideas for younger kids too….kept her distracted!! My son LOVES dinosaurs, so I have a feeling we’ll be doing this one soon!! Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Gayle says

    Love this! I just did this with my kids a fortnight ago… What a hit like your boy the smile and excitment on this face told the whole story!

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