How Many $2 Coins Fit in a 600ml Coke Bottle?

This goes back way, way back when I had my first child…over 12 years ago.  I had a friend who saved all her $2 coins in an empty coke bottle and ever since then, I’ve done the same on and off.  It’s a fun way to save for a rainy day and it can be a fun way for kids to save too.

But how many $2 coins fit in a 600ml Coke Bottle?  There are rumors of $1,000…and here’s the verdict:

How many $2 doing can fit in a 600ml coke bottle?

I fit $880

$120 shy of $1,000

$880 fit in a 600ml Coke Bottle - on

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  1. Julie says

    I just done it with a 2 litre coke bottle because I was saving for my cruise. I filled it and it was the grand total of $3062. Didn’t really miss it and it grew so fast. Funny though I wouldn’t spend any $2 coins whilst saving lol

  2. Alison Holding says

    I heard about this from someone I knew my son and I have a 1.25 L bottle going it’s getting exciting to know how much we will save when finally full….
    Love this idea told others about it! But we are doing it and I love saving my $2 coins

  3. Kelly says

    As a family we’re doing it now for a cruise in a big drink bottle total in 3 weeks so for $130 adds up quick doing $1 and $2

  4. Marcus says

    I just started filling a 1.25 litre bottle with $2- coins, & when it is full, it will all go towards my dream ‘Harley’!!! ?????
    Who knows, I might even start one for $1- coins as well??
    The more the merrier I say??!!!! ?????
    Cheers all, Marcus .????

    I just need another 13 x 1.25 litre bottles, & I’ll have enough.??!!???????

  5. Lynne says

    Wow heard this rumour at local coffee restaurant, that a small coke bottle filled with $2 coins Cld take $2000 AUS.
    Will give it a try. I too am saving seriously for a cruise

  6. says

    Stumbled across this, I’ve got an approximate 2 litre vase… saving my £2 coins and whatever other change is in my pockets at the end of the week…

    Didn’t realise I might be able to save this much… Thank you for the post :)

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