Dinosaur Ice Blocks

dinosaur ice blocks

It was his idea.  He found a dinosaur shaped silicone cake mould in the cupboard, and asked if we could make dinosaur ice in them instead of cake.

Why not! What a clever way to use them.  So, I filled up the tray, and then placed in the freezer.  Later, we pressed the ice out to reveal dinosaur ice. My son was thrilled. I must see if we have any other shaped silicone trays around the place.

dinosaur ice blocks

dinosaur ice blocks

dinosaur ice blocks

dinosaur ice blocks


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  1. says

    Stumbled upon your blog today. You got a smart kid and now I have to dig through storage to find all kinds of molds. Plan to visit more often.

  2. Merinda says

    My kids love ice play! Even when it is just making igloos with plain old ice blocks. But their FAVOURITE thing to do is when I make up big blocks of coloured ice (large yoghurt containers work well) and I hide dinos/ pretty ponies etc in them. They happily pour water and hammer on them for ages trying to find their “treasure” and they enjoy breaking through the multi coloured layers. It was also a great platform for teaching about the preservation of fossils ;)

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