Bauble Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas Week on the Blog!

christmas craft -- bauble christmas tree

I made this cute 3D bauble Christmas Tree this week.  This idea is fabulous if you have limited space for a Christmas tree (or just to decorate the house).  By using removable hooks (I used 3M Command Clear Decorating Hooks) you can place it directly on the wall, and then remove it later, or put it on a canvas or large board (like I have), and then use it inside and at outside gatherings too.


3M Command Clear Decorating Hooks

Baubles (I purchased all the baubles I needed for this little project for $7.50)

Large Canvas/huge art board (or put directly on a wall)

String, Ribbon or Fishing line

bauble christmas tree

1. Lay out the baubles out to get an idea of how the colours and spacing will look.

bauble christmas tree

2. With a pencil, mark out the first line of your tree.  You can use a measuring tape, however, I just approximated.  Stick the clear hooks to the marked points.

bauble christmas tree

3.  Mark out your next line of baubles, using the space between first and second baubles on the first line as a guide for where you should start the next line. Repeat this process, using less baubles each time, until you reach the top of the tree.

bauble christmas tree tutorial

Tip:If you use string to hang the baubles, it’s a good idea for them to hang at the same length.  When tying the string off, I used the circumference of my finger as a guide to achieve this look.

bauble christmas tree


I specifically made this Bauble Christmas Tree portable, so we could use it outside with presents all around.

bauble christmas tree -- outdoor christmas


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