Pone Cone Christmas Tree in a Jar

pone cone christmas tree in a jar

I like how pine trees stand tall and proud.  Then there’s the smell, and the wonderful cones that are festive and fun to use around the home.  There is a collection of Pine Cone Craft ideas here on the blog, and I’m adding to the collection with this White Christmas Pine Cone Tree in a Jar.

What you need

Salt (or sugar)

Large Jars (with lids) — I found my jars at Crazy Clarks for a few dollars.

Pine cones

Beads (or craft pom poms)

Liquid paper or white paint

1. Collect pine cones. Look for cones that are a nice tree shape, sit well standing up and will fit inside the jar you have.

2. Paint the edges of the pine cone with liquid paper (because it’s easy and it dries quickly) or white paint.  Allow to dry in a plastic cup or on a piece of newspaper.

pine cone liquid paper -- how to paint a pine cone

3. Drop beads randomly between the spikes of the pine cone.  As this was purely for decoration, I didn’t bother gluing them in, but a little glue can be used for extra strength if desired.

Pine cone Christmas tree in a jar

4. Place a layer of salt in the bottom of a jar and lay the pine cone Christmas tree inside.

Done! A few of these look beautiful as a table centrepiece and you can use whatever colour beads suit your colour scheme.

Pine cone Christmas tree in a jar


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