I almost told her no

She looked sad when I picked her up from school.  On the car ride home, she told me a teacher announced she was leaving to have surgery for breast cancer.

Later that week, I was at Medicare, just there to claim for a recent specialist doctor appointment.  On the way out, my daughter (11) spotted the small pink box on the counter with various pins for sale in support for breast cancer research.

“Mum?” she said it as a question.

I almost told her no.  It was my immediate reaction, as I would to any shop counter gimmick.  But I caught myself.  In that moment, I recalled the words I said in a recent post about blogging for social good and here they are: Never underestimate the power of giving, when you feel that tug on your heart. That’s what I said in the post and it’s strange when my own words follow me like whisper of wind, tickling my ear, in an effort to be heard.

I felt compassion then.  Compassion for my daughter, and those who are travelling a difficult journey. So, we bought a pin, and I was the one encouraged.

Hear and listen. Nurture compassion. Encourage giving.

breast cancer research pin

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  1. says

    So true! Not to give out of guilt, or out of compulsion, but to give when you feel that tug! I am sure it was encouraging for your daughter too.

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