Worth the Giggle: Garden Potato-Face Scarecrow Family

potato faces

Found this sprouting potato at the back of the pantry today.  It was beyond eating redemption; getting squishy.  Before I threw it out, I thought the kids would think it was funny if I drew a face on it with permanent marker, using the sprouts as hair.

Yep. Worked.

And then, of course, I saw this cute one in the potato pile, that I could have used in cooking, but I got carried away and drew on it too.

Worth it.

potato faces -- permanent marker

potato faces

And then the kids wanted to make one for themselves.

I let them.

potato faces

potato faces

potato faces

Instead of throwing them out after the fun, I suddenly thought they would make cute mini scarecrows in the garden. Just something cute to look at for a week or two.

Kebab sticks and pipe cleaners do the trick.

potato scarecrow

The kids wanted their potato heads to join mine in the garden.

They ran.

potato scarecrows

potato scarecrows

“They must hold hands,”  she said.

And so they must.

potato scarecrows

So, there you have the story of our Garden Potato-Face Scarecrow Family, and how they came to be.

potato head scarecrow family

Sometimes, it’s the unplanned, uncontrived things — things started from perhaps, a smile, or a giggle, or a heart filled with love — that are the most rewarding, special and fun.

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  1. says

    I love the fact that there was another activity of putting them in the garden afterwards, I’ve always thought what a waste to then throw them away:)) Love your crafty ideas, makes it do-able for the ‘non-crafty’ mums:)x

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