The Power of We (Starts with Me)

Today is Blog Action Day, and all around the world, bloggers from every niche join together online to talk about a collective topic. This year’s topic is The Power of We.   Community: It’s truly a beautiful thing and something I’ve experienced right here on my own blog and around the blogsphere.

I don’t talk about the running of my blog often, because it’s not what my blog is about. It’s not about blogging but rather the beauty of engaging with our children, in the the moments we have; weaving wonder and joy into time that already is.  It’s about good fun and small joys.  It’s about loving nature and stopping to smell the roses.  It’s about motherhood: the wondrous privilege, the overwhelming challenge and everything in-between.  My blog is about stories and the truth behind them.

The paragraph above? That is what I like to write about in this online space, but today, I want to talk about my blog, and how it’s part of a band bloggers who look for opportunities to use their space online for social good.

Back in April 2012, I became a World Vision Blog Ambassador, along with 10 other bloggers, and you can read about it here: Looking Beyond.   We all have our own blogs, and write about very different topics, but what unites us, is the desire to make a difference, and the belief that we can, even though the challenges are great.

world vision blog ambassadors

I believe making a difference is something we can all do, and it’s less about giving and more about an attitude, and I’ve realised this more fully as I’ve put it into practice, here on my blog and in my everyday life. Making a difference for me is about opening my eyes with compassion, to see people as people; looking for opportunities to give as I live my life with joy and being fearless in following through. To just do it.  I realise, that, so very often, it’s my own fear that holds me from kindness.

My blog is an extension of myself, and here too, I look for ways to make a difference, whether that be supporting fellow Blog Ambassador Eden as she covered the food crisis in West Africa, running in my very first fun run to raise money for people in need, placing banner advertising on my sidebar for current fundraising needs, or allocating a percent of the earning from this blog to buy World Vision Gifts.  To date, this blog has contributed to families in need with the gifts below. (If you want to know more about how I earn money through this blog, read my disclosure post).

Blog Action Day -- the power of we

The Power of We starts with Me. With me. And I know small things make a difference because of you.  Yes you. I know how a lovely email can brighten my day, a sweet story shared can reinforce priorities and how people getting behind me can help me run like the wind. Never underestimate the power of community and connection. Whether that be sharing a tip on an online forum, a warm smile to someone in the street, heart-felt conversation, helping someone around you or being a voice to those in need around the world. Never underestimate the power of giving, when you feel that tug on your heart.

I want to end this post with Tim Costelle’s answer to my question about how, just a small person like me, can make a difference in the world.

The Power of We starts with Me.

tim costello giving

The Power of We Posts from World Vision Blog Ambassadors

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    Love your wise words Kelly. And I hope your regular readers love this post too. I certainly love reading more about your blog and philosophy and feel privileged to be an ambassador with you.

  2. says

    I am so in awe of your creativity and energy – I love that you make being a giving, compassionate person such a core part of being a great mum. So excited to be spending some more time with you shortly! xox

  3. says

    Lovely post Kelly. It never ceases to amaze me how the biggest difference always comes when one person does something, which at first, appears small. And when one becomes many… rock on.

  4. says

    Hey Kelly,
    I LOVED Tim’s response! So eloquently put – this is the kind of thing I would like to see on the back of the door in public loos everywhere! As long as we all take one step at a time in the right direction, we will get there.

  5. says

    Hi Kelly,

    Its all about the Power of community! And the power of everyone doing something different – something good for others.
    And to share the love around. Its so good to read about the behind the scenes of your blog and why you share your life :)

  6. says

    Hi Kelly! Greetings from a Fellow Blogger on the #PowerofWe !!! It has been a great day reading so many wonderful blogs, and I appreciate coming across your site and seeing how much fun you have with the blogging experience! The Power of We definitely starts with YOU!

    Peace and Love,

    Ang 😀

  7. says

    Pretty Kelly, what a totally inspiring post. I really love being involved with this group of bloggers.

    Cannot wait to see your gorgeous smiling face again, see what issues we can bring to light .. using the Power Of We! 😉

    XXXX eden

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    This is about to be the most cliche comment you’ll ever receive (or maybe just to this post)… but your post is exactly the power of we to me because it literally has reminded me of the incredible and humbling impact the blogging community can have. Honestly, I sat at my desk Monday morning giving thought about what to write. And then I read posts like yours that are truly honest in every way and I often feel like “why did I think it had to be complex? or difficult? or long? or challenging”.

    Your blog reminds me exactly of why I love blogging in the first place — sharing what we feel because that’s what’s most real (totally didn’t mean to rhyme there). Thanks tons. And count me in on any future link-ups. xo.

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