Ice Candle Holder

ice candle holder -- ice sculpture

This ice candle holder turned out even better than I though it would! Love that!  It’s easy (and cheap) to make; it looks good on it’s own, or a few in a row.  I put this out for my birthday, around dinner time, and the kids were thrilled, and it made my day, that bit extra special.  Below is how I made it.



Milk Bottle Lid

Masking Tape

Tea light



1. Fill balloon with water

Fill a regular balloon with water to the desired size.

ice candle holder

2. Knot Balloon

Tie a knot in the top of the balloon, and then press the top side of a milk bottle lid into the water-filled balloon.  There will be a bit of resistance, so push down and then use masking tape ensure the lid imprints the ice, once frozen.  This becomes the space where the tea light sits.

  ice candle holder

3. Place the balloon in the freezer on a flat surface (which will become the level base), up against something so it holds upright.  The balloon sits qutie well on its own so just simple support of a plastic bowl can be used. Ensure the milk bottle lid is level at the top.

ice candle holder

4. Freeze overnight (for at leaast 6-10 hours). When ready to use the ice candle holder, take from the freezer and peel back the balloon.  Place on a large plate (with sides so it can catch the drips) and place a tea light candle inside. Magic! Fire and ice!

ice candle holder

How long it lasts

It really depends on the size. Approximately 2-3 hours for the size I used.  It’s perfect for a dinner party, romantic dinner, to bring a little interest into your day, or even Christmas.  Obviosuly, the candle should never be left unattended. The ice melted  down into water in the dish, and the candle sunk down with it until it went out.

how long the ice candle lasts for


  • Dinner party
  • Romantic dinner
  • Bring a little interest into your day
  • Activity for older child
  • Science experiment
  • Christmas table decoration


  • Try adding glitter!
  • Use use filtered or twice boiled then cooled water and the ice will freeze clear.


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