Childless Weekend at Noosa

I learned something about my husband that I didn’t know on the weekend.

Noosa Beach

Matt and I waved goodbye to our four children before turning to each other with the glee of children in a candy shop.  Two nights away, just us.  It’s coming up to our 13th year wedding anniversary, and although we are in a comfortable stage of our relationship, we constantly look for ways to keep things fun and fresh.

I would say that our family is not child-centred.  While a lot of our life revolves around our children, the relationship between Matt and I is important for our family.  You see, if our relationship is strong, the kids benefit greatly from this.   A strong relationship between Matt and I is a priority for us but it’s a challenge to make the time to invest, amongst work, kids and everything else that is part of modern life.

Finding the time to invest in our relationship is rather sporadic but there is a consistency too.  I haven’t really thought about it before but I guess it starts with what is important, in the mind, before action can take place.  It’s like most things really, like when you buy a new car and see the same car everywhere on the road, because it’s part of your life; and in the same way, we weave quality relationship time into our life because we look for it, and create opportunities as they happen.

One of those opportunities popped up recently.  My Dad and his wife are visiting here in Australia before they return to Africa, and they offered to have the kids for a few days if we wanted to go away.  Then, I received an email asking if I would like to go to Outrigger Little Hastings Street at Noosa thanks to  Perfect!  Anyone who has an Amex card can access these benefits too.

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Outrigger Little Hastings Street — Noosa

We stayed at Outrigger Little Hastings Street in Noosa. It was lovely and so close to the beach! We had a very special time.

outriggers little hastings street noosa

Outrigger Little Hastings Street -- noosa

little hastings street noosa outrigger resort

Keeping it Fun and Fresh

a childless weekend away

I learned something about my husband I didn’t know while we were away.  Over dinner, we talked about many things including news, religion, politics and art (we were determined not to talk about the kids the entire time — haha). I discovered one of his favourite paintings is Impression – Sunrise by Claude Monet.  This surprised me, because as a general rule, he’s not a big fan of impressionist paintings.   I love that I am still finding out things about this man I married.


Going away for together for a weekend is a very rare treat!  Home again and back into real life…until the next time…maybe next year. :)

How do you find quality time to spend with your partner?


Amex Connect

Outrigger Hotel and Resorts


I was not paid to write the post. I received free accommodation at the Outriggers Little Hastings Street at Noosa and all views written here are my own. Read more about my disclosure policy here.

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  1. Lyndall says

    What a lovely weekend! We’ve just booked our first child-free holiday – five days in Port Douglas to see the solar eclipse in November! A delayed 10 year anniversary holiday! That being said, we do need to be more intentional about more regular date nights etc in daily life. So important!

  2. says

    We went down the Coast for 5 days to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, it was wonderful – fell in love all over again. Would like to do it again when finances (& childcare!) can be sorted out!!!

  3. says

    What fun! We were there this time last week, getting ready for my sister’s wedding. What a beautiful place to stay. We’re not very good at squeezing in child free time together, but are making plans to get better at it!

    • says

      I’ve been to Noosa before, but not for a very long time, and we really loved it too. Yeah, I know what you mean about time, it does get a bit easier as the kids get older (and now I’m no longer breastfeeding.

  4. says

    How lovely! My husband and I have only had one childless night away together since our first son was born over five years ago… Even then it was for a conference for the company we both worked for, and my husband was sick! I am still feeding my little one but when the day comes that I stop feeding I think I shall have to put my MIL to good use and book in some much-needed and long overdue “us time” :)

    • says

      I was pregnant and breastfeeding pretty much non-stop for 8 years. Haha. I think we went away together once during that time, when I was pregnant with my 4th, but had stopped feeding no 3. No that stage is over, we aim to go away together, at least once a year…that should be achievable, right?

      You’ll be so excited when the time comes when you can go away childless too. x

  5. says

    My husband and I stayed at Outrigger last year for our anniversary – that was the first time in (ahem) 15 years we’d had time away by ourselves. It was pure bliss – I loved it there (but it took me a while to just relax and enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything!) Now that the kids are that little bit older, we are hoping to make it a priority to get away by ourselves once or twice a year.

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