What These Legs, On These Feet Did in These Shoes

ecco shoes world's longest catwalk record -- moki wedge sandal

ECCO World’s Longest Catwalk

These legs, on these feet, in these shoes walked the World’s Longest Catwalk. Yes they did. ECCO invited me to be part of the attempt to break the World Record for the longest catwalk in Sydney on the 24th August 2012.  If you’re asked to come to Darling Harbour to wear shoes, I mean — hello — a girl can’t say no to that.  I would do many things for shoes, especially amazing shoes like the Moki Wedge Sandal I wore on the day. Check them out up close.

ECCO World's Longest Catwalk in Sydney -- Moki Wedges worn by Kelly Burstow -- Be A Fun Mum

Hosted by

Hosted by Mia Freedom from Mamamia, with adjudicator David Thompson from Record Setters monitoring the catwalk (the man in the yellow jacket), the aim was to smash the existing record of 2.69km set in Turkey last year.  It was such a blast to be part of this event, so let me share parts of the day with you.

ecco australia world's longest catwalk -- hosted by mia freedman -- Sydney Darling Harbour -- 24 August 2012


Backstage, we were briefed on where to go and in what order.  Can you see me? Yeah, I’m the one with my eyes closed at the back right. What can I say? I was up very early for my flight from Brisbane.

backstage -- Ecco World's Longest Catwalk Sydney Darling Harbour -- hosted by Mia Freedman -- 24 August 2012

The Catwalk

Eleven was my number, and I was fine until called on stage. “Kelly from the Be A Fun Mum blog wears…” Far out! Nerves hit me as I walked down the steps. Let’s just say, I have a new found respect for professional models.

Ecco World's Longest Catwalk Sydney Darling Harbour -- Kelly Burstow -- 24 August 2012

Once I got down the steps without falling, I felt awesome! It was a beautiful day in Sydney, and I couldn’t stop smiling.  Walking in great shoes around Darling Harbour is like a dream come true for a shoe-lover like myself.   I was stopped by many onlookers with, “Nice shoes!”   Big smile. Thumbs up. Wave.

Ecco World's Longest Catwalk Sydney Darling Harbour -- hosted by Mia Freedman -- 24 August 2012

Ecco World's Longest Catwalk Sydney Darling Harbour -- hosted by Mia Freedman -- 24 August 2012


Shoes are amazing to a girl, aren’t they? They make you feel powerful, and fun, and pretty, and fabulous. I did the almost-three-kilometre walk easily in the tall wedges because they were so comfortable. Seriously, felt like I had soft foam under my feet. I love finding shoes that are both comfortable and gorgeous; perfect for my lifestyle.

Ecco World's Longest Catwalk Sydney Darling Harbour -- Kelly Burstow -- 24 August 2012


ECCO successfully achieved the title of World’s Longest Catwalk at 2.81 km and I feel privileged to be part of it.  I especially loved how all the models for this event were everyday women (and a few men!) of different sizes from all walks of life.   ECCO’s focus on functionality, style, quality and comfort in shoes were all showcased in this clever, fun and history making event.

ECCO World's Longest Catwalk in Sydney

Who I was with

ecco worlds longest catwalk -- who I was with

I travelled to and from Sydney with fellow Queenslander, Melissa from Suger Coat It. Melissa made me laugh, all day.  I loved travelling with her so much, that now I miss her. I always enjoy seeing Andrea from Fox In Flats; the sort of conversations you have with Andrea stay with you for a long time. It was fun to meet Twitter friend Penny in real life. She’s beautiful!

Plus, at an AMAZING lunch hosted by Reprise Media at Black by Ezard, I spent time with Gaynor from The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide, Cecylia, Miss Chaigyaru, Phoebes from Diaries of Bella, Megan from An Australian Wintour, Jessie from The Velvet Bow, Joelyne from The Sydney Girl, Melissa of Suger Coat It and Penny from PennyWebb.

And yes, I got to keep the shoes. Big smile.



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    Looks like it was a fun day! Those wedges are gorgeous. I am really fussy with shoes – almost everything hurts my feet within five minutes so I live in thongs but I LOVE my Ecco sandal heels. I have worn them almost every day for the last three summers and I’m only just now having to replace them. They are so comfortable too. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing heels.

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