Happy Lunchbox Message Buttons

Guest post from Rebecca from WithLOVEfromMEtoYOU

milk bottle lid craft -- lunch box happy buttons

My eldest daughter is now at Preschool, and every now and then, I like to put little notes in her lunch box to make her smile. I tried writing and drawing pictures on paper bags, or on small pieces of paper but in the end they got food on them, of course, and by the time she saw them, they were looking a little worse for wear.

I was thinking it would be a great idea to manufacture little buttons to put in kids lunch boxes with different messages or pictures. Then it occurred to me: what makes it special is that I write the messages for my daughter, not a machine. So…

Enter the milk bottle lid!

It’s like a button, and you can write on it and it doesn’t get soggy with lunch (and I love to recycle).

Happy Lunchbox Message Buttons


Permanent marker

Milk bottle lids

Stickers (optional)

I wrote messages and drew pictures on the inside of the milk bottle lids. My daughter can’t quite read yet so pictures are great. I then placed funky little decorations on the flip sides of the lids to jazz them up and make them extra special. Stickers are great but you can just leave them if you like.

milk bottle lid craft -- lunch box happy buttons

milk bottle lid craft -- lunch box happy buttons

milk bottle lid craft -- lunch box happy buttons

milk bottle lid craft -- lunch box happy buttons

milk bottle lid craft -- lunch box happy buttons

Milk bottle lid messages are a sweet way to give your child a little surprise in their lunch box and remind them that you love them through out the day.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a SAHM of two daughters in Northern NSW. Trained as a Printmaker and High School teacher, she loves up-cycling, vintage, paper and all things CrArt (craft+art). In her “spare time” (i.e. when the kids are asleep) she makes an eclectic array of hand made items for her business withLOVEfromMEtoYOU.


Milk Bottle Lid Craft

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  1. Anthea says

    My Son in grade 1 loves it when I use the cookie/playdough cutters to imprint a picture or word message on his sandwich. He excitedly showed his friends. It definetly helps all the sandwich get eaten also.

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