Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts

Guest Post from Kristie

Kristie is a mum who loves making treats and she is sharing how to make candy cane chocolate hearts.

christmas food -- candy cane chocolate hearts


Packet of mini candy cane

Chocolate melts (white or milk)

Small plastic gift bags



christmas food -- candy cane chocolate hearts

  1. Line ray with baking paper
  2. Melt chocolate
  3. Arrange 2 candy canes on the baking paper to make a heart shape
  4. Pour chocolate inside the heart shape to hold it together
  5. Place tray in refrigerator
  6. Once set, place candy cane hearts in a gift bag and finish off with a ribbon

christmas food candy cane chocolate hearts

Use for

  • Gift for friends
  • Gift for teachers
  • Christmas platter
  • On top of a present
  • Christmas decoration

christmas food candy cane chocolate hearts


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    • Kristie says

      Thanks Kelly… These are super easy… and super cute!!! I am so excited to see that you have posted this! xxx

  1. says

    I appreciate it for composing “Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts”.

    I personallywill undoubtedly be coming back for more reading through
    and commenting soon enough. Thank you, Barrett

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