Memory Markers: Ideas for Painting & Decorating Canvas for the Home

“People always comment on this one,”  my friend Christine said.   Her home is filled with family art projects and this gives a very special feel.  The interesting thing is, all the artwork looks like it’s made for the home; it fits in so well!

family art -- school holiday projects -- memories

Every school holidays, Christine and her 3 children do an art project together, and this becomes artwork for the home.  I love the idea of family art because it’s a visual reminder of what family represents, and they also act as memory markers for different points in family life.

Christine said one of the secrets for artwork that fits with your decor is to think about colours that compliment what is already in your home, and the area you want to decorate.

I want to show you some of the artwork in Christine’s house. All these artwork piece are easy to do with kids.

Balloon & Acrylic Canvas Art

You can find out how to do this project here:  Balloon & Acrylic Canvas Art

family art -- school holiday projects -- painting on canvas with balloons and acrylic paint

Straws and Cotton Tips

1. Paint the canvas with a light base colour.

2. Then use watered down acrylic paint to blow lines up the canvas using a straw. This becomes the tree base and branches.

3. Using a cotton wool tips, dab dots for flowers. Add a bit of glitter to the flowers for a bit of sparkle. Pretty!

ideas for painting on canvas for kids -- straws and cotton tips

ideas for painting on canvas for kids -- straws and cotton tips

Photo collage

This is a beautiful way to use all those loose photographs.  Cut around the main feature in each photo and glue on a canvas or a large piece of cardboard to make a collage.

photo collage

Patchwork shapes

Buy materials shapes and glue to a canvas to give a patchwork look.

ideas for painting on canvas for kids -- fabric

The colours match nicely with the decor.

ideas for painting on canvas for kids -- fabric

3D Space Theme

For details on how to achieve this look, click here: 3D Space Theme on Canvas

painting on canvas -- 3 D Space theme


Buttons are always fun. For this canvas, the kids traced around circle containers and then used the lines as guides.  Glue buttons on with craft glue and allow to dry.

button on canvas

Seeing Christine’s home has encouraged me to do, even just one art project with the kids each year. Memory markers. Yes, I can do that.

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    Christine is definitely a talent and I had no idea you knew each other, a very small world indeed. I’ve been watching her holiday projects popping up on my newsfeed these holidays and I’m left flabbergasted. Love your blog Kelly and so nice to see Christine featured here xo

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