I Cleaned Out My Handbag

I love organising, reorganising and experimenting to find systems that work for me.  But like most things in my life, it only takes a busy week or a few unexpected bumps to throw everything off course.

Well, meet inside my handbag. It’s terrible! I couldn’t find anything so I was hanging out for a spare 30 minutes to clean and reorganise.

organising handbag

I bet your bag never looked this bad. I can’t believe how much crap I accumulated. No, actually I can.  There was a belt, empty blowing bubbles container, socks, plastic whistle, necklace…and a Fantale lolly wrapper.  I haven’t eaten a Fantale for ages so I have no idea where that came from. And yes: now I want one.

organising handbag

After culling rubbish and putting misfits back where they belong, this is what I was left with. Ah yes, the handbag staples.

organising handbag

In my handbag

  • Wallet
  • Notebook (gift from my friend Renee)
  • Pencil
  • Papaw Ointment
  • Card holder (for business cards)
  • Finlee and Me Balloon Cover plus balloons in a zip lock bag (this means I always have something fun for the kids to do when out, at a park, visiting and travelling)
  • Sunglasses (x2)
  • Lip Gloss
  • Folded Plastic Bags (see how I fold them here)
  • Band-aids
  • Pain medication
  • Coin purse
  • Brush
  • Hair bands and bobby pins (to throw my hair up on the run)
  • Sunscreen
  • A few small toys
  • Bag hook

How I organise my bag

I like handbags with minimal pockets so most of my items stay inside the main part of the bag. I divide some of the contents in sections.

Items not used everyday

These are the items I don’t tend to use ever day but I like to have on hand. I keep all these things in a small Lopees bag.

organising handbag

organising handbag

I also use  Borne Naked bag liners to separate and group items.  They are fab.

organising handbag


I get migraines and headaches sometimes so I like to carry pain relief with me in case.  I use an empty child proof screw top container and cut up some medications from cards to put inside so I know exactly what it is.

organising handbag -- medication

Other stuff

I keep my lip gloss and sunscreen (and Papaw for my lips in Winter) in a small zipped Lopees bag because I use these items almost everyday.

organising handbag


I put everything back in my bag, including a yellow toy tractor and a guinea pig figurine, because I just might need them one day.

Better. Much better.

organising handbag -- after

How do you organise your handbag?

What are your top 3 handbag items?


Organising Makeup and Jewllery

Folding Plastic Bags

Finlee and Me Balloon Cover — LOVE THESE

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  1. Flutterbon says

    I have an in-bag organizer that I can grab easily. It has all my staples in pockets (I love pockets, unlike you). Then when I change bags, I grab it by the handles and pop all my contents in a different bag. I <3 it.

  2. Crystal Jones says

    My top 3 are phone, purse & keys! I rarely use my handbag anymore i usually throw these few things into the nappy bag! :)

  3. says

    I can usually never relate to those ‘What’s In My Bag?’, but I can DEFINITELY relate to yours! 😀 (The ‘before’ picture, that is!) Well done on getting all of your gear organised – it looks terrific, and you’ve definitely inspired me to clean out mine!

  4. Nicole says

    Well Kelly, what a big difference. You have given me a few ideas.
    So glad the lopees bags come in handy, I have one for my mobile phone also :)
    Thank you again.

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