Imaginative Play Scene: A Fairy Door

imaginative play scene -- the fairy door

I came across The Fairy Door Store  on Facebook and I fell instantly in love with the product.  The fairy doors are all kinds of magical cuteness, sure to stimulate imaginative play for kids.  I emailed Sarah from to ask her if she would work with me to do a play scene for my blog, and so here we are.

Imaginative Play Scene


Fairy Door


Decorative stones

Fairy or small doll

Ribbon or streamers (optional)

To set up this this play scene, I placed a few shells and decorative stones at the base of a tree and used blu-tack (glue to make it permanent) the fairy door to the trunk.  I also tied a few ribbons on the tree branches above the door, and it looks truly magical! I wish I could describe the gasp of delight from my daughter when she saw this.

Fairy Door in a tree


playing with fairy

imaginative play scene -- fairy door


Imaginative Play Scenes

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  1. Paul says

    Our daughter would call her “Finchy” fairy, so that she could live in the tree with all the finches!

  2. Alyra Shaw says

    My 2 year old would probably call a fairy “Flutter-flutter” – which at the moment is applied to anything that flies :)

  3. Samantha Outten says

    Our fairy would be called “Fairy” probably! Seeing as everything else she owns is called what it is! haha

  4. Anwen says

    My daughter doesn’t name things yet, but I would prabably name her fairy Dawn or maybe Sunrise, from the meaning of her name (Aurora)

  5. Mark Bolitho says

    My daughter has many fairies, but her favorite one is called “Blossom” she came up with this name all by herself too!

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