Products I RAVE About

Below are products I RAVE about.   I wasn’t asked to write about any of these things; they are products I love and have proven to add huge value to play and general family life.   I reckon if we only had these things, we would be set for all kinds of play and enjoyment as a family.  Maybe it’s time for a toy cull.

1. Boon Bath Pod

boon bath frog

The Boon Bath Pod is nothing short of brilliant! I’ve used the one pictured for about 3 years and it’s the best thing I have ever purchased for the bathroom.  The pod can be fixed to the tiles using suction caps and mine has never, and I mean never, fallen off (which is quite unbelievable to me).  There is space for shampoo/bubble-bath and a scoop that comes off which makes putting toys away easy.

2. Recycled Mat

school holiday ideas -- play space

We love spending time outdoors as a family and our recycled mat is invaluable to us. The mat is brilliant for the indoors but we usually leave it in the car because we use it so much. We take it everywhere: the beach, camping, at home for movie nights, in the backyard and out in the park on lazy Sunday afternoons. It’s made of recycled plastic so is easy to clean. I wrote about other benefits of the mat here: Recycled Mats.

3. Trampoline

trampoline fun

My kids use the trampoline pretty much everyday. It’s an investment that saves my sanity! We purchased a swing set at one point but the children outgrew it very quickly; I would go a trampoline over a swing set any day!

{My husband often plays with the kids on the trampoline if he is home before dark. The video isn’t high quality but it’s cute.}

4. Wooden Blocks

multicultural dolls

Simple wooden blocks are often used in our house and are added to play in the form of buildings, roads, beds and the like.  My kids particularly love our set of 26 multicultural wooden dolls (some are pictured in the photo above). The dolls are perfect for little hands and the kids enjoy talking about what country is represented.

5. Duplo/Lego

lego is awesome

Lego can be messy, and it hurts when you step on it…but it’s so worth it: there are endless ways to use the stuff!

6. Plastic Figurines

plastic figurines

I love plastic animal figurines because they are cheap and versatile.  My children use them in all sorts of play and in many places. Below is a list of a few ways we use them:

  • Play scenes like the pond scene above
  • Inside
  • In the bath
  • At the park
  • Outside on the grass
  • In my handbag
  • For travelling

7. Strawberry Designs Floor Cushion

floor cushions

Our Strawberry Designs Floor Cushions are a fixture in our home. We L-O-V-E them.  They are made from sturdy fabric in a variety of gorgeous designs. They have four insert spaces that take regular cushion size so there is no need to buy special inserts.  The cover is VERY easily removed and washed; perfect for kids and babies.  Below are some of the ways we use them:

  • Family movie nights (see it featured in this post)
  • The kids lounge on them to read books (another pic here)
  • Play with toys on (another pic of our cushions)
  • To create cubby houses
  • Outside on a mat (see them featured in the picture under recycled mats)

So yeah, as you can see, we use them all the time. Love, love, love.

8. Books

children's books

Books are a big part of our family life; you can never have too many in my opinion.  Our kids love all types of books including picture books, chapter books and non-fiction books like the DK Definitive Visual Guides, Ocean and Universe.

9. iPad

ipad apps for kids

The iPad is a bit of luxury item but it’s proven to be such a useful tool during reading time. I usually have it nearby when we are relaxed and often couple the reading experience with looking up relevant videos and pictures on the iPad.  It’s really fun! This guest post from Nicole has heaps of helpful ideas about using the iPad with kids: iReview; iPad.

Of course the slow cooker is pretty amazing to me too.

What play products do you rave about?

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  1. Emily says

    What a great post. At first I thought, hmm, another sponsored post, I won’t read it, but I’m glad I did! With the Strawberry designs cushion, did you use their recommended innergreen cushion inserts? I’ve been looking for some good cushion inserts, but I’d usually prefer to feel them first.

    The bath pod looks fabulous too, although I reckon we have more toys in the bath than that! Including the plastic animals :)

  2. Bonnie says

    I used to play “peoples” in the bath with plastic figurines. Hours of fun with my sisters. My children, however didn’t catch on to the fun like I did.

  3. says

    We have a massive book collection – and it keeps getting bigger :) You can never have too many in my opinion! And there is always some playdough to acompany the zoo animals, tea set, or anything else they can find :)
    Great post!

  4. Kylie says

    One of the favourites in our house are trio blocks. Similar to lego/duplo, but it’s more of a click system and has short and long sticks which click into the blocks as well. My kids spend hours making things with these – ships, spaceships, specials guns, houses, traps, animals, dog bones etc. I love seeing what their imagination comes up with!!

  5. says

    Ah trampolines! I remember breaking my nose on one as a kid. Funny thing is, we never owned one because my Dad did the same thing when he was a kid so I actually did it at a friends house. Therefore, will I be savings my child from breaking his nose if I do buy a trampoline?!

  6. says

    We love lego & duplo too. They get heaps of play.

    We also LOVE our Thomas Railway. Both boys love it and it’s something that the three of us can play together. Once I have built the track, the boys can play with it independently for a while too :)

  7. says

    Hello, just wanted to echo your point on the trampoline. We’re onto our second for the four kids aged 15 – 5 years. I bought a really good one, justifying the cost by saying it was a 10 year investment in my mental health. It is too! AND… I jump on it too with the kids, gets the old heartrate up for sure!

  8. says

    Great post. Its fun to read about what other people thinks add value to their family life. Personally, I really love costumes – its great fun for the entire family

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