Mother’s Day: Patty Case Flower

Mother’s Day is coming up and if you’re looking for an easy craft to do with kids, this patty case flower, with a milk bottle lid centre, is super sweet.


3 Patty case pans (different colours)

Paddle Pop Stick

Leaf template – sourced form Dreamstime (click to print the PDF file)

Photo (of child/mother or child can colour a small piece of paper)

Milk Bottle Lid

Green texter

Craft Glue

mothers day craft -- patty case flowers


1. Trim around 2 of the patty cases (one should be smaller than the other) so you end up with 3 different sizes.

2. Colour the paddle pop stick with green texter.

3. Cut around a leaf from the template (use one or two).

4. Insert a picture of mum or the child (about a 20 cent piece size), or a coloured piece of paper with a message, into the milk bottle lid.

5. Assemble with craft glue as per the picture below.

mothers day craft -- patty case flowers

mothers day craft -- patty case flowers

Use for:

  • Gift for Mother’s Day
  • Make a few flowers and arrange in a small vase or Styrofoam base to use as a table centre
  • Child can write a message inside the centre and give to a friend/parent
  • Fun (and easy!) craft

Such a simple and sweet craft activity.


Mother’s Day Craft

Milk Bottle Lid Craft

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      BAHA! Absolutely. I thought of that too. When I wrote this post, I actualy worded the first line carefully -> “easy craft to do with kids” rather than “your kids” for this very reason. hehe.

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