Thinking Differently About the Lunch Box

Every school day I need to think of food items to include in 4 lunch boxes that are healthy, yum and will keep well. It’s a challenge, however over the years I’ve fine tuned this process.  One of the things key things that helped me think about the lunch box in a different way is converting dinner food into lunch box food.

Thinking Differently About the Lunch Box

I chatted to mum of two and dietitian Kate Di Prima about lunch box food. There are two main things I’ve trialed:

1. Including More Protein: Protein provides long lasting energy for kids.  I now look for ways to include some form of protein like lean red meat (beef and lamb), fish, egg or legumes (like baked beans). Kate tells me these deliver a boost of essential nutrients – particularly iron – needed for concentration and being active.

2. Using Leftovers: Saving food from dinner to convert into food for the lunch box, saves both time and money.

In the past, I have been afraid to use meat in the lunch box because I’m worried it will spoil. However, by using a insulated lunch bag with an ice brick, meat keeps, and my kids eat it at the first break.  Kate tells me this is safe and has more brilliant lunch box tips here: Lunch Box Tips.

A Week of School Lunches

This is the sort of inspiration I needed: For a week, I converted our family dinners into lunches for the kids.  It was a fabulous exercise in helping me think bigger about food for my family. 

All the recipes are easy and delicious (especially the Tandoori Lamb Chops and Chicken Burrito Wraps) and are here on the blog via the links below.  I have also listed all the food items I used in the lunch box too.

Lunch box ideas: A challenge to help you think differently about the lunch box: Dinner recipes into lunch box food.

1. Sunday Dinner

Tandoori Lamb Chops

Monday Lunch Box

Lunch: Tin corn, cherry tomatoes, lamb chop

Baked: Banana cake

Fruit: Blueberries

Snack: Rice Crackers

School Lunch Box Ideas

2. Monday Dinner

Tuna Pasta Bake

Tuesday Lunch Box

Lunch: Cold Tuna Pasta Salad

Baked: Hot cross bun

Fruit: Nectarine

Snack: Carrots and Snow Peas

lunch box recipe ideas

3. Tuesday Dinner

Winter Meatloaf

Wednesday Lunch Box

Lunch: Snow peas & cherry tomato with mini meatloaf with tomato sauce as a dipper.

Baked: Mini coconut bread

Fruit: Pear

Snack: Corn on the Cob

lunch box recipe ideas

4. Wednesday Dinner

Mexican Chicken Burrito Wraps

Thursday Lunch Box

Lunch: Chicken Wrap

Baked: Fruit Salad Muffins

Fruit: Pear

Snack: Corn on the cob & carrot stick

lunch box ideas

5. Thursday Dinner

Corned Beef

Friday Lunch Box

Lunch: Corned beef and mustard sandwich

Baked: Fruit Salad Muffins

Fruit: Banana

Snack: Half an avocado (leave the seed in and sprinkle a bit of lemon juice to ensure freshness)

lunch box ideas -- corned beef sandwich

6. Friday Dinner

Family Pizza

Lunch Box Idea

Lunch: Pizza

Fruit: Black grapes

Vegetables: Tin corn & carrot

Snack: Rice Crackers

Lunch box ideas -- pizza


If you want all the recipes in one PDF, click here: Family Dinners and Lunch Box Ideas

What I Have Found

This challenge changed the way I think about food for the lunch box. I work on eating a little less at dinner, and include more protein during the day.  I noticed a marked difference in my own energy levels, and my children too.   As a bonus, it takes less time to prepare the lunch boxes because they already half done.  So, if you’re looking for lunch box inspiration, think about converting leftovers from dinner into lunch the next day. I still make the humble sandwich often, but I also always think when I’m making dinner: Can any of this be converted in the lunch box?  If you want to read a detailed article about my lunch box system, you can find it here.

See a snapshot of the sort of lunches I make for my kids, head over to my Instagram feed @beafunmum and search for my lunch box hashtag #bafm_lunchbox

Lunch Box Ideas -

Note: Kate Di Prima provided me with the dinner recipes and I made up my own lunch box ideas.


Lunch Box Ideas

Bento Laptop Lunch Box Review

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  1. says

    What lovely lunches you create! So much more inspired than the Vegemite sandwiches I grew up with. Your kids most love opening up their lunch boxes. Everything looks fun to eat and great idea to use leftovers, I love your photo guide too.

  2. Marina says

    Kelly you are an inspiration. My lunch boxes have been getting a little daggy lately. It’s funny my kids want plain foods for school (Spread sanga, piece of fruit and homemade something for morning tea) – but will eat just about anything at home (vege slices etc).
    So it’s what they want for school and what I want them to have when they get home! Tolerated compromise :)

  3. says

    Thank you for the inspiration. I’m totally going to try corn on the cob in Annie’s lunch – she is almost vegetarian and I’m struggling to find food for her lunch box. Cheese and boiled eggs are great. We’ve always included extra protein in Heidi’s lunch boxes as I learned early on it helped avert meltdowns.

  4. Shannon says

    I actually like doing the lunches, I use food picks etc from Lunchboxes With Love & they’re great. I was a bit wary of including meat in the boxes but might give it a try more often. We use little lady beetle shaped silicon pans to make ricotta bakes with spinach & corn which the kids love. Bought the pans from a cheap shop for $2.

  5. Gemma says

    My mum must have been before her time, I often had leftovers in my lunch box :)
    She always put meat in there – no cooler brick, no fridge and I ate it at lunch time. It never spoiled and I never got sick. Perhaps I have a tough stomach 😉

  6. Tierney says

    I like making mini-quiches in muffin trays. They freeze and can be thrown into a lunch box still frozen to defrost before lunch. Also, we often use left-overs such as sushi and left-over pasta. The boys love sushi. I usually have to cook extras anyway as my husband has left-overs while he is working night shifts.

  7. says

    Oh my. Can I just say I’m very jealous that your child get’s to eat those amazing lunches! He must think you are the best Mum in the world! Great photos too.

  8. Nicole says

    okay……I’m 40 but can you adopt me as your child??? Unfortunately my fusspots would turn their nose up at such delights. (sigh)

  9. Julee says

    Love these ideas but unfortunately my children don’t have access to a microwave to heat any of these types of lunches. I’ve ended the complaining about lunch in my household by having my kids make their own once they enter kindergarten. Call me a lazy mom, but I haven’t had any complaints either. LOL

  10. PJ says

    Just a FYI our Kindergarten was advised by the Office Early Childhood Education and Care that we are not to have children bring lunches in cooler bags with or without ice bricks because once the bag is opened (just say morning tea) and leaves warm air in it then closes the warm air in when you pack it away for lunch. As a result we bought large fridges so we didn’t have to worry about it anymore as everyone is contstantly telling you something different!!

  11. beth says

    If only that was enough food for my 7 year old boy!! I send 3 peices of fruit, cheese and crackers, muesli bar, sandwich, yoghurt and a salami stick or some deli meat and nothing comes home!!

  12. says

    I am all about organisation ( so I intentionally cook extra dinner so we can all have left overs the next day. It takes the stress out of what to put in lunch boxes, and I am already cooking the meal, so what’s a bit more to make life easier? =)
    I think kids like a leftover meal instead of sometimes anyway! It is a treat, like ordering tuckshop!

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