Family Pizza

Family Pizza

Family Pizza Recipe

Pizza Base

You can use either ready made pizza base or I have a very easy pizza dough recipe or a 2 ingredient dough you can try.

Pizza Toppings

Below are three pizza topping ideas, or of course, just make your own. It can be fun for kids to build their own pizzas by providing a range of topper ingredients they can choose from.

Pizza 1 — Homus & Haloumi


4 mini pizza bases

4 tablespoons hommus

4 tablespoons pizza sauce (or tomato paste)

80g holoumi cheese cut into 12 slices

8 cherry tomatoes thinly sliced


1. Spread a tablespoon Hommus and 1 tablespoon pizza sauce on each base

2. In a pan lightly dry fry the holoumi cheese both sides

3. Arrange slice tomatoes and holoumi cheese on pizza

4. Place under hot grill for a few minutes until base looks golden at the edge

5. Serve with salad

Kid friendly: kids love dressing the pizzas. Give them large spoons and using the back of the spoon they can spread the hommus and tomato paste. They can also arrange the tomato segments and place the cheese on the top

Pizza 2 — Ham, Avodaco & Cream Cheese


1 family size pizza base

Cream cheese


Ham or pastrami


Grated cheese

Baby spinach leaves


1. Layer ingredients and finish with a sprinkle of tasty cheese. Return to the oven and grill until cheese is golden.

2. The beauty of these is that they can be snacked on throughout the day or eaten on the run.

Pizza 3 — Corn, Fetta & Tuna


1 ready made pizza base

1 Table spoon tomato paste mixed with 1 tablespoon cream cheese

100 g fetta cheese

Baby corn spears

100 g tinned tuna or salmon

1 avocado sliced

Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half


1. Cover base with tomato creamed cheese mix

2. Arrange all the ingredients over the base. Cook in a moderately hot oven for 15 – 20 minutes until golden

Tip: make up a few ahead of time to freeze then you can bring them out in an emergency

Kid Friendly: kids love helping to design their own

Lunch Box Idea

Lunch: Pizza

Fruit: Black grapes

Vegetables: Tin corn & carrot

Snack: Rice Crackers

Lunch box ideas -- pizza

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  1. Tierney says

    I use greek wraps (yiros) as pizza bases as they are thick enough, but pre-cooked. Last time I grilled/dry fried a bunch of veges and some lamb. Spread with pesto and topped with lamb, zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms, asparagus and cheese. Pretty yummy and lots of veges. Toss in oven at 250o for 8-10mins.

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