100 Ways to Love the Moment

Since I started the Love the Moments Challenges back in January 2011, I have found many ways to enjoy moments both with, and without my kids.  It’s less about doing things and more about being aware; weaving moments into to the day as it happens creates a rich texture to life that brings much enjoyment and satisfaction.  When I put this list of 100 love the moment moments together, many of them seemed so small, even too small to include.  But then, these little things do matter and they add up.  In a way, putting these small joys in a list gives them a voice which helps me to recognise and look for them so they don’t get drowned out in the loudness of…busyness, stuff, things.

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100 Love the Moment Moments

  1. Smell a flower
  2. Take 1 min to look in your child’s eyes to see all the different colours
  3. Hold hands and jump around the kitchen
  4. Get down on your child’s level and smile for no reason
  5. Kiss your child between their eyes
  6. Hit two spoons together to make a song
  7. Run outside together
  8. Have a family group hug
  9. Read a favourite book
  10. Snuggle your child on your lap
  11. Listen to the birds for 1 minute
  12. Watch for where the wind touches
  13. Kiss your child on the nose and eyelids
  14. Look at the stars
  15. Tell your child a story from your childhood
  16. Sit on the floor and watch your child play for 5 minutes
  17. Find a special rock
  18. Go outside and look at the sky
  19. Feel the bark of a tree
  20. Stroke your child’s hair
  21. Laugh
  22. Peel and cut up an apple and eat it together outside
  23. Rub noses with your child
  24. Pick your child up and just hold him/her
  25. Breathe deeply
  26. Skip to the letterbox
  27. Say “I love you” just one more time
  28. Look at the reflection in a window
  29. Make up a new word
  30. Look at bugs
  31. Do butterfly kisses
  32. Listen for animal sounds at night
  33. Crouch down and stroke your child’s cheek
  34. Twirl
  35. Shake hands
  36. Walk outside in bare feet for a minute
  37. Throw a little water in the air and watch the drops fall
  38. Tickle
  39. Role play with your child for 5 minutes
  40. Lie down on your child’s bed with them and talk or sing
  41. Hold hands and make a family circle
  42. Collect leaves
  43. Eat ice from a cup
  44. Draw colourful squiggles on a page
  45. Make pictures in the dirt with a stick
  46. Chase a butterfly
  47. Trace your child’s eyebrows with your fingertips
  48. Put a flower in your hair
  49. Write a special note to someone
  50. Eat fresh bread, butter and honey
  51. Start a sentence: “I like____ about you.”
  52. Have a race
  53. Throw a pebble in a bucket of water
  54. Sit your child on the kitchen bench and kiss their knees
  55. Get 3 stories and read a different line of each to make up your own
  56. Squeeze oranges to make a cup of juice
  57. Help your child swing on a tree branch
  58. Look up the name meaning for the members of your family
  59. Do a piggy back
  60. Blow up 5 balloons
  61. Look at the moon
  62. Go outside when the sun sets
  63. Leave a bit of honey bread for the ants
  64. Colour in together
  65. Make a cubby under the table
  66. Write your child’s name 5 times on a piece of paper
  67. Be still and listen for 2 minutes
  68. Find an interesting looking stick
  69. Sprinkle flower petals in a bowl of water
  70. Walk on tippy toes
  71. Read a book outside
  72. Pick wild flowers
  73. Draw a rainbow
  74. Look at the clouds
  75. Watch moths on an outside light
  76. Light a candle
  77. Study raindrops or dew
  78. Visit a garden
  79. Take an umbrella outside, rain or shine
  80. Find a bendy road
  81. Watch your child sleep
  82. Stand in the sun and feel the warmth for a few minutes
  83. Draw a heart: one for each of your children and leave it on their bed
  84. Draw a picture with different colours of blue and green to represent the sea
  85. Wear a necklace
  86. Walk hand in hand with your child
  87. Collect shells or pebbles and put in a glass of water
  88. Play peek-a-boo or hide and seek
  89. Look at the shadows
  90. Have a picnic on the grass outside your house
  91. Do something out of the ordinary
  92. Greet your loved ones exuberantly
  93. Tell a story while you are driving in the car
  94. Make a rhythm with two sticks
  95. Smile
  96. Look at my child directly for 10 seconds when they speak
  97. End a sentence: “______ makes me happy.”
  98. Use expression
  99. Do a High-Five
  100. Stand under a large tree (and look up)

I have found many of the items in the list can be turned into a longer activity, but the idea is not to be overwhelmed; most only take a minute, or even just seconds. It’s all about embracing what each day brings and having ideas up your sleeve to make the most of the moments.

{you can print this list in PDF form if you like}

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  1. says

    Great post – and you’re right, some ideas are so small but that’s the beauty of them, one little kiss on the tip of their nose leads to such a special moment. “High five” to you for pointing out the extraordinary in the ordinariness that parenting can become if you don’t cherish the moments.

  2. says

    Being in the moment I think is the secret to experiencing the juice of life!
    That is why I LOVE Nia…….it helps me come home to my body, to use sensation through movement, to see listen and touch, to connect and to express my uniqueness with joy and love <3

  3. says

    Gorgeous Kelly. I have tried to be more aware of these little things lately and have found that i even plan some down time into my day so that i can go outside and play with the kids or just take the time to breathe everything in. With 3 older kids and now 2 little ones I realised how quickly they become big people and how precious all these little moments are. I am also taking some time out for myself and trying to allocate 30 minutes to walk or be alone. Thanks again for always being so inspiring x

  4. maya says

    I Love this list. Sometimes I think back on our day and find the little things that I noticed. Today, we made paper planes and played with them. It was fun :)

  5. Julie says

    I’m always kissing my kids on the nose & eyelids ~ they think I’m crazy!!! And I love watching where the wind touches :-) Great Post xx

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