Unconventional Bath Toys

There are many different items my kids use in the bath for play, other than the traditional bath toys like the rubber duck. And bath time doesn’t just happen at night; my son often has a bath during the day as an activity.  Below are seven items my kids use in the bath for play.

1. Empty Plastic Bottles

Clean, empty soft drink bottles act like boats in the water.  The lid can be left on so the bottle floats, or removed and filled with water, and poured out again.

different bath toys -- soft drink bottles

2. Milk Bottle Lids

The kids recently had a blast playing with Milk Bottle Lid Boats in the rain. Milk bottle lids are also a fun in the bath. They can be used with or without the sail (the sails can be a hazard so are best for older children and under supervision). The more lids, the better! Kids can blow the lids from one side of the bath to the other.

different bath toys -- milk bottle lids

3. Cups and Bowls

Plastic cups and bowls are gold. Kids can pour water into one from the other, make them float, sink or use them any other way they think of.

different bath toys -- plastic cups and bowls

4. Plastic Figurines

I have fond memories of playing with plastic animal figures in the bath. They are solid so the water can’t get in which makes them perfect for the bath.

different bath toys -- plastic figurines

5. Laundry Tub

The humble laundry tub can be turned into a sturdy boat or a desert island in the water.

different bath toys -- laundry tub

6. Toddler Discovery Shapes

The laundry tub can also be used to hold discovery shapes for toddlers.  After a 2 minute glance around the house, I found these bright things: rubber ball, rectangle cube, plastic spoon, half a plastic egg, silicone cupcake mould, ice-cream shape.

different bath toys -- toddler discovery shapes

7. Piece of Pipe/Tube

This piece of pipe is my son’s favourite bath ‘toy’.  He makes a horn sound, blows bubbles and watches the water swish in side the dip.

bath toys ideas

Do you have any other unconventional bath toy ideas to add to the list? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Cheryl says

    Love the milk bottle boats! My kids enjoy playing with a cup more than the conventional bath toys. I’m fed up with those squirty ones because they just get filled with mould unless you clean them everyday and who has time for that!!!

    Mr 3 uses the plastic step stool as a bridge and floats things underneath it.

    • Anwen says

      Haha, yes, my daughter doesn’t really play with her ‘bath toys’. She plays with the rubber ducks sometimes now (She’s 2) only because she’s obsessed with real ducks! Cups and anything that you can pour out of are the best!

  2. Robyn says

    my girls love taking their dolls in,
    they love taking all their kitchen toys in,
    and old shampoo bottles and of course those little toothbrushes with the suction bottoms are always the most played with things in the bathtub :)

  3. Jen Finch says

    All time most loved bath toy in our house…a 350mL Berri Juice bottle. Used a nail to punch a ring of holes in the bottom and then one in the centre of the lid and presto a finger operated shower! Good science lesson too…water won’t come out if the air can’t get in! My 2 yr old nephew goes straight to the bathroom to check that “his” bottle is still there ready for bathtime at Aunty’s house!

  4. Anwen says

    My daughter loves the shower at the moment, and currently has a think about taking her little plastic chair in to sit on!
    She has also taken her plastic figurines in. Usually her ducks (which include the chickens and geese) and they have fun splashing and getting their hair washed!
    Love it… if it won’t get wrecked, why not? I love the idea of the laundry tub!

  5. Jenny says

    My littlest one has a couple of kitchen toys in the bath – a funnel – he loves to see the water pour out the bottom, and one of those tupperware melon ballers that was taking up room in my everything drawer.

  6. says

    Favourite rainy/cold/I’ve had enough get them in the bath so I can think toy is make-your-own bath paints. Liquid soap plus food colouring plus some paint brushes and voila – it rinses off the bath really easily!

  7. Andrea says

    My son’s favorite bath toy is a bag of 100 play balls made for ball pits. They have no holes so they don’t get water in them but are light and float. Clean up is even fun because he tries to shoot the balls in to the mesh storage bag trying to get them all in the “basket” before the water drains from the tub.

  8. Kylie says

    We love putting a couple of glow sticks in the bath and turning off the lights, my boys have a great time, they usually take them to bed afterwards as well, great fun!

  9. Holly says

    Ikea had a cheap set of small stacking cups. They have holes in them and are bright colours. My two boys spend ages playing with these.

    When I was a kid, my sisters and I took our barbies swimming all the time, both in our pool and in the bath. Great memories.

    Love the glo stick idea, going to do that for sure. Thanks!!

  10. says

    We’ve done glow sticks a few times. The kids love it. Last time the younger two made a hoop and passed an inflatable ball through to each other. Have also had some fun with syringes.

    I recently put the tea set in the bath for some pouring and serving practice.

    And a couple of weeks ago we made gel paints – hair gel and colouring. The kids stripped off, painted the sides of the bath, and themselves. Add warm water and everything (and everyone) is clean within a couple of minutes.

    Fun in the bath is one of the categories we include on appropriate weeks in my ‘letter a week’ preschool program. Will definitely be doing the milk bottle lids when we get to M :-) Thanks.

  11. mama b says

    I let my kids get in tub with cheep cans of shave cream. They make snow men and mountains. When they are done fill up the tub, and the cream floats on top of water for more fun.

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