Milk Bottle Lid Crafts: Photo Board Game Pieces

We are having a ball with our Milk Bottle Lid collection.  Another way you can use these handy objects is as board game pieces. Simply cut around the faces — about the size of a 20 cent piece —  of photographs (I put a collection of pictures into Word document before printing them out on one A4 page). Then all you need to do is press the photo circle into the milk bottle lid.

I found the printable Snakes and Ladders game (free!) here. Simply print out the two sides of the board on two different pieces of A4 paper and then sticky tape them together.

milk bottle lid crafts -- game board pieces

Fun for a weekend play or a board game night.

milk bottle lid crafts -- game board pieces

Brilliant for travel because all you need to do is:

1. Fold the piece of paper;

2. Put in a zip lock bag with the milk bottle lids and a dice;

3. Pop it in a bag; it takes up no room at all!

milk bottle lid crafts -- game board pieces


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More Games

Naughts and Crosses is fun to play with milk bottle lids too. Click the picture to find out more.

milk bottle lid crafts: naughts and crosses

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  1. Kris says

    Hi Kelly! What a cool idea :) It’s also reminded me of a cool thing my mum did with milk bottle lids when we were kids, that I should try with my own kids – noughts and crosses! Just a sheet of cardboard with the 9 squares drawn up and then each person places one of their lids on the board in turn. We used 2 different coloured lids to show the 2 players moves but I’d like to combine it with your idea and have each player trying to line up 3 of their own face!! Thanks for the inspiration!…and for jogging my memory!!

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