Milk Bottle Lid Craft: Naughts and Crosses

Milk bottle lids can be easily turned into a game of Naughts and Crosses.  This is fun for rainy days, travelling and holidays.


Permanent Marker

10 Milk Bottle Lids

Piece of A4 paper

Using a permanent marker, draw a series of 4 lines as shown below to create the board.  On the inside of the milk bottle lids, draw X on five and O on the other five.

milk bottle lid crafts: naughts and crosses

Depending on who starts, you will have one left over each time you play.

milk bottle lid crafts: naughts and crosses

If you need insturctions on how to play Naughts and Crosses, click here.


Milk Bottle Lid Crafts


Milk bottle lids can be used as board game pieces too. Click the picture below to read more.

milk bottle lids -- board game

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