Live Blogging: What I’m Wearing

Live Blogging: Hilton, Auckland — 5:30 am Brisbane time / 8:30 am Auckland time

It’s a glorious day for a drive!  I’m just about to check out of the hotel and then I’ll be off on the Ford Kuga Road trip.  I’m already in love with Auckland and am looking forward to seeing more of the North Island.  Any New Zealanders out there?  Your country is pretty special.

view from Hilton, auckland

Below is one of those awkward I’m-taking-a-photo-of-myself shots.

What I’m Wearing: I dressed for comfort because I’ll be sitting in a car for a while.  I’ve opted for black stretch pants, Mix white tank top, long grey cardi (also from Mix) and a red scarf for a bit of colour. The sunglasses are from Mix too.  Yes, I’ve been totally sucked in by the buying-clothes-with-my-groceries concept.

what I'm wearing

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      Thanks Marcia. My hairdress is just fabulous. She is so good at making my hair very easy to look after. This time, she put some splices of colour through it but she worked under my hair so there will be no root regrowth.

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    Woo hoo! Gotta LOVE the first commenter! Although I am a little late following your trip, it looks like it was a lot of fun! Your photos are wonderful–yet again, and of course the photo of yourself is amazing! What a beaut! (Isn’t that what they say in Australia? LOL) Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you, my friend! Glad to know you are back home again. xo

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