Imaginative Play Space: The Rainbow Tree

make a rainbow tree

This play scene I made with my children, was inspired by the Rainbow Tree above. Below is how we made it.

The Rainbow Tree Imaginative Play Scene

How to make a Rainbow Tree

1. Find a stick with a lot of twigs on it and place inside a small cup or container.

2. Keep the twig steady by filling the cup with dirt, play dough or small rocks.

3. Rip of pieces of crepe streamer and tie on to the twigs.

the rainbow tree

Play Scene

The tree can be played with alone, or used to decorate a bedroom.  The Rainbow Tree can also be used in a play scene; this is how we put ours together.

rainbow tree imaginative play scene


The Rainbow Tree

Magical figures like princess, mermaid, horses, unicorn, dragon

Shells as dishes

Fill shells with beads, buttons and sequence

Cup of water with a mermaid

Shiny stones

rainbow tree imaginative play scene

rainbow tree imaginative play scene

rainbow tree imaginative play scene

Warning: Not suitable for young children due to small parts.

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