A Little Boy and His Train

I planned a particular blog post for today. This isn’t it. You see, my little boy has been sick. It happens, doesn’t it? Kids get sick and the entire week’s schedule goes out the window.  Actually, it’s not just when kids are sick, family life in general can be quite sporadic. The short story is I didn’t get my post finished (plus a whole lot of other stuff), so instead, I’m sharing some sweet pictures with you.

Since son was well again today, I thought it would be fun to visit Dad at his work for lunch.  Son’s toy train came with us.

dad and son

Together we rode the elevator to the top floor terrace where my husband and I sat on red chairs and ate kebabs while our son pushed his train around the spiral engraved sculpture nearby. Take a breath; that’s a very long sentence.

I watched my son play for a moment and was reminded of two things:

1. Taking a moment to watch children play can be so inspiring; kids find enjoyment out of such small things.

2. How wonderful it is to think outside the box; a spiral engraved sculpture can be a wonderful train track.

Roll with the punches.

Keep on keeping on.

Just keep swimming.

Some weeks are just like that, aren’t they?

Amongst it all, time stands still for a moment as I watch a little boy and his train.

The joy of it: A little boy and his train

a little boy and his train

I took these picture on my iPhone. To read my mobile phone camera tips, click here.

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  1. says

    It is amazing how elaborate our children’s imaginations can be – with just a simple toy, and a simple prop… and nature! And you’ve reminded me of how wonderful it is to sit back and watch them play. They teach us so much.

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