Wear a Flower in Your Hair

Sometimes I do things to give me a little lift.  It’s like having a secret, that only I know. You might see a small smile on my mouth or a sparkle in my eye.   You know, the feeling you get when you’re in the car alone and a favourite song blasts through the stero and you feel, so alive? Yes, a little bit of that.

One of these little somethings is when I wear a flower in my hair. To me, it’s like the ultimate expression of girly femininity. In many ways, it helps me to remember myself in the midst of being the  24/7 go-to-person for my kids.

I especially love fresh flowers but there are gorgeous flower clips everywhere too.  Below are some ways I like to wear a flower in my hair and how it makes me feel.

1. Behind the ear

When I pop a flower in behind my ear, I feel tropical and free. I imagine myself to be walking on the shores of Hawaii with not a care in the world. My son often picks flowers for me and asks me to put it behind my ear too. That’s precious. It’s not a style I can wear all day but it’s fun for a little while.

Wear a flower in your hair: behind the ear

2. In a french roll/Bun

This upstyle is an elegant look and I feel like I’m back in Jane Austen’s day with all the ettiqute, frills and fashion. If you like the way I’ve done my hair here you can see the video tutorial here.

Wear a flower in your hair: in a french roll

3. Fringe

If I pin a flower just behind my fringe, it makes me feel a little quirky, like I need to couple the style with high heels and striped socks. This style suits short hair too.

Wear a flower in your hair: in the front

4. Pony tail

Slipping a flower into the hair band holding a pony tail is such a simple way to dress up the simple hairstyle. I associate this style with playing a game of tennis, all dressed in white.

Wear a flower in your hair: in a pony tail

5. On the side

If I pin my hair up to one side (like the first hairstyle in this post), it’s easy to incorporate a flower into the bobby pin. This is a pretty hairstyle is easy to wear because it doesn’t matter if loosens as the day goes on. It has the carefree feel as putting a flower behind the ear but lasts through the day.

Wear a flower in your hair: on the side / half up

Being a mum means I don’t get much to myself and I embrace that — I really do, because it’s part of the beauty of it — but I also have little things I weave into my day that make me smile, and make me feel like, me. The key is to first make the effort to do something a little special and then make sure I enjoy it as I go throughout my day.

What do you do to make you feel like a girl?


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  1. shelley says

    Love it. I have short hair so find it hard to make it “girly” so to speak. Will have to find some cute little hair clips and try that out.

  2. Katrina says

    I try and use flower hairclips sometimes… We have a dog, so no real flowers in our garden! But I do love feeling a little bit girly, despite usually throwing my hair up in a minute!

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